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Our exciting Season 3 is here in 2016 with lots of
great Episodes featuring members Trip Winning
Exploits while on the water or in the woods.
USOC Adventures TV - Season 3  2016
Q1/Q2 Air Times on the Pursuit Channel.
Airs on Direct TV - Channel 604
Dish Network - Channel 393
Sat 8:00 pm EST
Thursday 7:00 am EST
Thursday 5:00 pm EST

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Show 4 in 2016
Trip winner Mike Parker whitetail hunt with Double T Outfitters
Trip Winner Bernie Overby Mule Deer hunt with
Big Chino Guide Service in AZ
Trip Winner Mark Taormina, NY whitetail and Axis
Deer hunt with Real Outfitters, TX.
Trip Winner Jared Thomas, MO on his waterfowl
hunt to Cheyenne - Ridge Outfitters in Nebraska
Next free trip with Airfare
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club|Velvet Buck
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club
This incredible hunt is a Father and Son hunt to
Collins Lowcountry Hunting Club
in South Carolina
for Velvet  Whitetail Bucks,
1 for the father and one for the son.
Hunt Hogs in the day or at night as time allows.
This hunt is going to be a beauty in all regards.
It's the first of 6 free trips during 2016 we give away that are
co-sponsored by the Pursuit Channel who generously pays
the airfare for the trip winners. US Outdoorsman Central
films the trips and they are aired on the
Pursuit Channel on
USOC Adventures
TV Show.
The father is any age but the age bracket for the Son is
between 5 - 15.
 MORE Information
Stop in at the NRA Great Outdoor
Show and say hello to Tom Collins,
the Trip Partner for this hunt.
Booth 5804
Wildlife Trivia Free Gear Contest
Contest Item: Enter  Here  to play.
You can enter daily for more
chances to win.
Drawing is Sunday 2/14
2 Winners
Slayer Broadheads
Slayer Broadheads|2 inch, 3 blades, 125 grain
Team REALTREE|Gut hook & Saw knife combo with sheath
Drawing is Sunday 2/7
Winner: John Bennet, MT
NY State - Home of US Outdoorsman Central
New York State is richly endowed with more than
7,600 freshwater lakes, ponds and reservoirs, as
well as portions of two of the five Great Lakes. Over
165 fish species inhabit the state's 7,800 lakes and
ponds and 52,000 miles of rivers and streams,
providing New York with one of the richest fish faunas
in the nation.
Freshwater Fish
Places to Fish
State Land - 787,000 acres of recreational trails
are available for hiking, mountain biking,
snowmobiling, horse riding, snow shoeing and
cross country skiing. These properties are
enjoyed by campers, hunters and trappers as well
as by orienteering and geocache enthusiasts.
State Parks That Allow Hunting

Finding Recreation Lands for all 4 Seasons
NY State Lake Ontario Counties
World Class Fishing and Family Fun
Time to get ready for night Predator Hunts now!
The Ultimate in Predator
Hunting Lights.
I saw more Coyotes this deer season than
deer....this has to change. Dan Leonard
New Video
Night Eyes Lights|Red or GreenGun Lights
Night Eyes Lights|Red or Green Hat Lights
Much more HERE
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights|Joe Zaffuto| Owner|Must have predator lights.
Do Night Eyes Predator Lights work?
Stop and visit Joe in his booth # 3914 at the
NRA Great American Outdoor Show
in Harrisburg, PA  February 6th - 14 and grab
Night Eyes Lights and start spanking
these Yotes.
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USOC Performance Hoodie
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USOC Welcomes Henry Repeating Rifles
Be sure to stop by the Henry Repeating Arms Booth
645 and say hello to them at the NRA Great Outdoors
Show in Harrisburg, PA this week.
In every field of human endeavor there is a select
group of individuals who are given credit for
making such major contributions that they become
synonymous with their achievements. In the area
of firearms development, one name that must be
included on that honored roster is Benjamin Tyler
Henry. His invention:
The Henry Rifle.
Pink Camo Legalized in WI
Field and Stream|A US Outdoorsman Central Membership Sponsor
Wisconsin Becomes First State to
Legalize Blaze Pink
Today Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker added a new color to
hunting season’s palette: pink. Gov. Walker signed Act 131
into law, making Wisconsin the first state in the nation to allow
hunters to wear blaze pink instead of the traditional orange
while afield.
Previously, hunters had to wear orange on at least 50 percent
of their upper half. With today’s amendment approved, blaze
pink counts as a legal alternative during deer firearm
USOC Adventures TV  Gear Give aways
3 winners
Each winner will receive a Team
Fillet Knife with sheath
Kutmaster Fillet Knife with Sheath
To enter during or just  after each show,
send an email to
using keywords:   Fillet knife
Pursuit Channel has launched an App
US Outdoorsman Central and the Pursuit Channel  have
partnered since 2012 for 6 cross promotion trips with airfare
per year and again for 2015. Each trip will be filmed and aired
on the Pursuit Channel on our USOC Adventures TV Show.
Now you can watch a show while on the go, LIVE!
Never miss another favorite Show.
Now also airing on ROKU
NEW: Pursuit Channel App
Be sure to download the free Pursuit Channel app on your
smart phone or tablet! This app will allow you to watch
Pursuit Channel on-the-go!
Pursuit Channel,, is available in
more than 42 million U.S. television households including
HD linear and OTT feeds.  Pursuit is the only audited
outdoors television network viewable to every DIRECTV (604
PRST) and DISH Network (393 PRST) subscriber.  
Featured  Clam Outdoors Products
Polar Trailers
USOC Welcomes  NEXGEN Crossbows
PONY 335
High Tech, Fast, DEADLY and
If you're headed to the NRA Great
American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA
any time between February 6-14, stop in
to see Bryan Flowers and Sponsors
Nexgen Crossbows and Slayer
Broadheads and say hello!
Booth 927 and SL 3

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Our program is not about a fancy website, it's about promoting and
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The Ultimate in Predator
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Carbon Skin Products|Glow Smoke Wind Checker
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ARE Bowslings
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Field & Stream Store, Horseheads, NY
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American Comrades -
Featured on our TV Show
Our TV Show Trip Partners : Real Outfitters, Kokosing River Outfitters,
Cow Creek Outfitters, Big Chino Guide Service, Double T Outfitters,
Cheyenne - Ridge & North Platte Post , Heart of Valor, American
Comrades, Bassmaster Elite, and many ore.
See their new bow and gun products HERE
Contact us if you are interested in joining our Gear Sponsor and Trip Partners program for more product exposure.
Nexgen Crossbows|The Bronco 340
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