USOC Adventures TV - Season 3 & 4
USOC Adventures TV - Season 4  2017
Q1/Q2 Air Times on the Pursuit Channel.
Airs on Direct TV - Channel 604
Dish Network - Channel 393
Monday - 8:00 am EST
Monday - 8:00 pm EST
Thursday - 7:30 pm EST

US Army Veteran Travis Rupert is on his first Bowfishing adventure. Travis
will be Bowfishing on Oneida Lake in Central NY. Premier Bowfishing and
American Bowhunter are hosting Travis on this trip.
This adventure is sponsored in part by AMS Bowfishing, Innerloc
Broadheads, and Lumenok Lighted Arrow Nock.

USOC Adventures TV - Season 3  2016
Q1/Q2 Air Times on the Pursuit Channel.
Airs on Direct TV - Channel 604
Dish Network - Channel 393
Sat 8:00 pm EST     Thursday 7:00 am EST    Thursday 5:00 pm EST
Show 1 in 2016
Trip winner Mike Parker, CA whitetail hunts with Double T Outfitters
Show 2 in 2016
Trip Winner Bernie Overby Mule Deer hunts with
Big Chino Guide Service in AZ
Show 3
Trip Winner Mark Taormina, NY whitetail and Axis
Deer hunt with Real Outfitters, TX
Show 4
Trip Winner Jared Thomas, MO on his waterfowl
hunt to Cheyenne - Ridge Outfitters in Nebraska
Show 5
USOC trip winner Walt Goddard from Missouri, is  
Bass fishing with William Klute on the St.
Lawrence River, then he will ride with an Elite Pro
during a BASS Master Elite event as a Marshall.
Show 6
SSG Steve Delapena hunts Coons and Whitetails
in Heartland Indiana.
Show 7
14 year old hunts waterfowl, upland birds and then Elk in Montana
Show 8
The USOC Field staff travels to Alagash Maine with Maine Trophy
Outfitters to hunt Black Bear with Hounds..
Show 9
Trip winner Cindy Shenberger, PA  goes fishing on Lake Ontario from
Wayne County with Captain Jerry Snyder on the Dandyeyes Charter Boat.
Show 10
Trip winner Kent Bolyard fishes Lake Ontario from Oswego County with
Captain Dan Burdick, owner of the Salmonoid for Lake Trout and Brown
Show 11
We follow Pursuit Channel and USOC Trip Winner Jim Grummel from
Toledo Ohio, as he hunts Rio Grande Turkey's at
Real Outfitters in
Texas. Jim will be using a Nexgen Crossbow on this hunt.
Show 12
We fish the mighty Niagara River in NY with two military
Veterans. In are product segment we focus on
Coolers at Cow Creek Ranch in Texas
Coyotes - Get ready to thin the Pack
Depending on where you are, you might be seeing more coyotes than you
will deer. Fact or Fiction?  
The population explosion of these predators has brought about a sad fact.
They now routinely attack and feed on adult deer in order to satisfy the
hunger of these growing pack numbers , not just fawns anymore.
Here's one company that has the necessary tools to help you thin these
critters out and help bring back the deer herd population in your deer
hunting grounds.
Fact: I have been gun hunting here in Upstate, NY where we usually have
had great success until the last couple of years. for 2 weeks as of
11/19/16 I have seen no deer,  just one coyote. Last year I saw no less
than 6 Coyotes, no deer.  I rest my case.
The Ultimate in Predator Hunting Lights . MORE Info
Night Eyes Lights- Red gun and head lamps
Night Eyes Lights
Joe  Zafutto  Owner of Night Eyes Lights - 4 coyotes, 6 red foxes
Do these night lights work if you are out there thinning
the pack? This is just in one night. You decide. You
can't shoot them if you can't see them.
Next Free Trip with Airfare
Tailwater Lodge
Tailwater Lodge
Tailwater Lodge
Tailwater Lodge
Tailwater Lodge
Tailwater Lodge
After this trip is won, the next
free trip with airfare is a return to
Collins Low Country Hunt Club
for a Velvet Buck Hunt in SC.
Much more TBA
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club
This extraordinary 2 person (much more TBA) free trip with
airfare will be at the World Class 5 Star Fishing, hunting and
Tailwater Lodge  located in Altmar, Oswego County,
NY. The winners will be shooting skeet, hunting Eastern
Turkeys, fishing for Steelheads on the Salmon River and Bass
fishing for hawgs in some of their secret bass holes.
What is Tailwater Lodge?
This Video will introduce you to just one of their services.  
Much more TBA
NY State - Home of US Outdoorsman Central
New York State is richly endowed with more than 7,600 freshwater lakes,
ponds and reservoirs, as well as portions of two of the five Great Lakes.
Over 165 fish species inhabit the state's 7,800 lakes and ponds and
52,000 miles of rivers and streams, providing New York with one of the
richest fish faunas in the nation.
State Land - 787,000 acres of recreational trails are available for hiking,
mountain biking, snowmobiling, horse riding, snow shoeing and cross
country skiing. These properties are enjoyed by campers, hunters and
trappers as well as by orienteering and geocache enthusiasts.
State Parks That Allow Hunting
Finding Recreation Lands for all 4 Seasons
Discover some of the
Learn more about fishing and hunting in Niagara County on
 Outdoor Beat  hosted by Bill Hilts Jr.
Plan on visiting the
Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo
January 20-22, 2017. Sponsored by
Clam Outdoors
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Team REALTREEGuthook with Saw Knife
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  • Folding saw/guthook knife
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Drawing  1/15/17
Adam Howe, TX
Finally the arrow everyone has been waiting for!
The perfect arrow for the beginning archer to the
seasoned shooters utilizing lower poundage
equipment with the Button Buck Arrow. Winner will
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Courtesy of
DCA Arrows
Deer Crossing Archery| 1 dozen. Button Buck Arrows
The 6 Most Underrated Hunting Cartridges
Outdoor Life Magazine
I can hear the anguished cries already. For the fans of these
cartridges, this a reckoning, a “Say it ain’t so!” moment. But
that doesn’t make it any less true: like Rodney Dangerfield,
these cartridges don’t get no respect.
John B. Snow May 5, 2016

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