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An 'aporkalypse' has Texas fighting
losing battle against feral pig
Published by:   the guardian
A new product, fun name but bad news for Deer!
These products are new and are already having
an amazing result in
early deer season. Positive testimonials are
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The Next Free Trip With Airfare
The next trip with airfare courtesy of the Pursuit
Channel is a TX Whitetail Deer or an amazing Aoudad
Ram with Cow Creek Ranch.    
Cow Creek Ranch
This hunt is going to be a special hunt given to a
member that is a Combat Era Veteran or a Disabled
Veteran, both qualify for this special hunt!

The winner will also get a Savage .270 Axis XP
courtesy of
Independence Guns and Ammo
with a new
Trinity Force Scope
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Our line up of 2014 trips with airfare to date:
  • Elk Hunt, CO  Winner is Gary Murphy, CA  MORE

  •  Bear Hunt to Alberta Canada. Winner is Greg Hector, AZ

  • 1 Combo Fishing trip -  Lake Ontario Salmon from
Oswego NY. Then, a Cayuga Lake Marshal Seat for the A.R.E.
Truck Cap  Bassmaster Elite Event in the  Finger Lakes, NY.
Winner is Gary Goodlet, KY  

  • Whitetail archery hunt to Kokosing River Outfitters in OH.
    Includes a Winchester SS Vaquero Bow and more.

  • The next trip being drawn October 31, is for a Combat Era
    Veteran or Disabled Veteran to TX for a Whitetail or
    Aoudad Ram with Cow Creek Outfitters and includes a
    Savage .270 Axis Rifle with Scope courtesy of
Independence Guns and Ammo

So, you think you're ready for deer season???
Is your old or new Scope really dialed in??
Read USOC Pro Staffer Greg Hectors Scope tips to see
if your Scope is ready to rock.
Upgrade to a Sportsman Member with new kit.
Includes 3 entries for all daily gear give aways and all trips.
Effective October 1, only Sportsman can win the daily
Free Gear
Welcome to upstate NY
Home of US Outdoorsman Central
New York State is richly endowed with more
than 7,600 freshwater lakes, ponds and
reservoirs, as well as portions of two of the
five Great Lakes. Over 165 fish species
inhabit the state's 7,800 lakes and ponds and
52,000 miles of rivers and streams, providing
New York with one of the richest fish faunas in
the nation.
Freshwater Fish
Places to Fish
State Land - 787,000 acres of recreational
trails are available for hiking, mountain
biking, snowmobiling, horse riding, snow
shoeing and cross country skiing. These
properties are enjoyed by campers,
hunters and trappers as well as by
orienteering and geocache enthusiasts.
State Parks That Allow Hunting

Finding Recreation Lands for all 4
NY State Lake Ontario
World Class Fishing
and Family Fun
Our First Store Item
Buck Ambush
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Doe in Heat Estrus Urine
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Buck Ambush|Doe in estrus urine|Fresh
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Trip Winners On Pursuit Channel
US Outdoorsman Central and the Pursuit Channel  have
partnered again in 2014 for 6 cross promotion trips with
airfare and again for 2015. You will be the star of the show
and the trip will be filmed and aired on the Pursuit
Channel on our USOC Adventures TV Show.
USOC Adventures TV
USOC Adventures TV -
Season 2 - 2015 Q1/Q2 Air
Times on the Pursuit Channel.
Sat 8p
Tues 7:30a
Thursday 12p
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Contest Item: Enter Here to Play. You can enter
daily for more chances to win.
Drawing is 10/26
Copper John| The Grave Dancer Bow sight
Flying Arrow Archery|Pink 100 grain Cyclone
Flying Arrow  Archery USA
Home of the Toxic Broadheads
Drawing is 10/19
Winner: Lisa Newman, MO
The Grave Dancer
Bow Sight
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