USOC Adventures TV - Season 6
Will Air January - June of 2019
USOC Adventures TV - Season 6 will air again in 2019
Q1/Q2 Air Times on the Pursuit Channel.
Airs on Direct TV - Channel 604
Dish Network - Channel 393
Monday -  9pm EST
Wednesday - 7am EST
Saturday - 9pm EST

On this episode we hunt Coyotes in Oswego County NY at the
Deer Creek Motel with Night Eyes Lights owner and program
Sponsor Joe Zaffuto.

Pursuit Channel trip winner, Combat Veteran Gary French from
Texas is on his dream Gator and Hog Hunt to Okeechobee
Outfitters in Florida. Gary will be hunting predators at night.

Medically Retired Army Veteran Chris Jones goes to The
Preserve operated by the Oneida Nation Outfitters to hunt with
Guide Jean Warner in CNY.

Pursuit Channel and US Outdoorsman Central member Trip
Winner Walter Fritz from Mass. is on a Trophy Bass fishing trip to
Lake Erie in Niagara County NY. Walter is guided by Captain Terry
Jones of First Class Bass Charters. The hawgs are jumpin
on to our hooks.

On this rerun episode we hunt Coyotes in Oswego County NY at
the Deer Creek Motel with Night Eyes Lights owner and program
Sponsor Joe Zaffuto.

Trip winner and Combat Disabled Veteran Dennis Leonard and his wife
Samantha go Striper fishing with
Scales and Tales Charters owned
and operated by Captain Erwin Heinrich offshore of Sandyhook, NJ.
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New Free Filmed Trip
Another free trip with airfare back by popular demand
is for a Combat Era Veteran with family to:

in FL with the

The winner will be hunting for Alligators, Hogs and
Bow Fishing for Talapia Fish.
Food lodging and guide provided for the Combat
Veteran trip winner and family Members.
Wayne Wycuff, GA
Watch this 2 minute Video about the
Sportsman's Foundation For Military Families
and what they do. Inspiring and therapeutic in
many ways for Vets and their families
More to follow but you can find out more
Next Free Trip with Airfare Courtesy of the
Pursuit Channel
The 2019 Iron Man Hunt
Sponsored by Real Outfitters, TX
the Pursuit Channel, US Outdoorsman Central & USOC
Adventures TV Show
AYou'll be hunting for an Axis Buck and an Axis
doe at night with high tech night vision gear, a Whitetail
buck and a Whitetail Doe during the day and Hogs,
Varmits and  Predators day and night..                       
All new and renewing

that enter to win the hunt will  be eligible to win hundreds
of dollars worth of gear for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place if
they don't win the hunt. This is a new Membership drive
promotional offer.
More information and to sign up
Thumbnailed pics
Real Outfitters
Real Outfitters
Real Outfitters
Phoenix, NY -  Home of US Outdoorsman Central
and USOC Adventures TV Show airing Nationwide
New York State
New York State is richly endowed with more than 7,600 freshwater lakes,
ponds and reservoirs, as well as portions of two of the five Great Lakes.
Over 165 fish species inhabit the state's 7,800 lakes and ponds and
52,000 miles of rivers and streams, providing New York with one of the
richest fish faunas in the nation.
State Land - 787,000 acres of recreational trails are available for hiking,
mountain biking, snowmobiling, horse riding, snow shoeing and cross
country skiing. These properties are enjoyed by campers, hunters and
trappers as well as by orienteering and geocache enthusiasts.
State Parks That Allow Hunting
Finding Recreation Lands for all 4 Seasons
Here are just a few of our favorite counties here in NY State that we
highly recommend you consider hunting or fishing in and they have
great family attractions as well.
Up to date Fishing Blog
Oswego County
Niagara County
Learn more about fishing and hunting in Niagara
County on the
 Outdoor Beat  hosted by Bill Hilts Jr.
Wayne County
A Sportsmans Member Free Filmed Waterfowl Hunt with US
Outdoorsman Central owner Dan Leonard
Another Road Trip hunt back by popular demand.

Who would like to have the opportunity to have a guided waterfowl hunt on a
large private beaver pond in the middle of the woods with the owner of
USOC, Dan Leonard?
Well, now is your time!  One member will if you promise not to shoot Dan,
and all you need is your NY Hunting license and duck stamp. This hunt is a
road trip located in the upstate NY region. You must be a
Member at the time of the drawing to qualify to win. This is a trip you wont
want to miss out on. It's a hot spot for ducks and Canadian Geese. The
hunt will be on October 28th, rain or shine, near Cato, NY..

On a side note, I have been on 1 waterfowl hunt ever and we got nothing
because of extremely high winds. US Outdoorsman Central and USOC
Adventures TV were born to bring excitement to our fellow outdoorsmen
and women. Win a hunt doing something like this and maybe you've never
done in a place you've never been, now that's exciting stuff. Never been on a
waterfowl hunt but would like to? Or, If you are already an experienced
waterfowler, that's ok too.   
With professional guide
Tommy Fedeli, lots of waterfowl in the area, there's
going to be some serious action. The winner will be drawn in mid October.
To enter. you can send an email to
Put In the Subject Line: Waterfowl Hunt
Need your name, address and phone number so we can call you if you
win the hunt.
Wildlife Trivia - This Weeks Free Gear
Sportsman Members can enter the Wildlife
Trivia on this page
Drawing is 10/15
Mary Puller, OH
Heated Hunts | Electric Hand Warmer
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USOC Introduces the Aurora Sionyx Camera
The World's First Day/Night Camera with True Night Vision
Aurora Sionyx Camera
More Info
An extraordinary
Night/ Day Camera
Watch the
Aurora Sionyx
Camera in action
while hog
hunting at night
in TX.
Featured Gear Partner and TV Show Sponsor
Buck Buchannon
Archer Sight Video
Archer Sight
For the Lady
Hunters we come
in Pink to meet
their needs and
Quick Sight Elite:
TIME! Weighs less
than a gram,
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Game Sled
The cooler fall air brings excitement to all hunters.  Small
game and Whitetails! Visit this NY State Outdoor Show
Southern Tier Outdoor Show
Be sure to stop by our new Free Gear Sponsors booth,

and grab their awesome scent dispersal products so you're
ready to roll this deer season!
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Heated Hunts
US Outdoorsman Central is a Veteran Owned Business
"We Support All Veterans,  Past, Present and Future"
Contact Dan Leonard with any questions about our promotional programs
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The Ultimate in Predator Scope
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Loksak| waterproof bags for cell phones. An offcial kit sponsor for Sportsman Level Members
Game & Fish
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Henry Rifles -
US Outdoorsman Central invites you to come to Oswego County for great hunting, fishing. camping and more!
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Clam Quick-Set Tents
Field dressing made easy
Aurora Sionyx Camera| Worlds first color night vison camera
Celox Online| Outdoorsman Stop the bleeding Kit
US Outdoorsman Central  Gear Partners and USOC Adventures TV Show Sponsors, past, present and some future ones to follow.
Every one of these Trip Partners and Free Gear Sponsors and business partners and all are top notch in every way. US Outdoorsman Central highly recommends their products or their
services with no hesitation whatsoever.  They are 100% committed to promoting fishing, hunting and the Great Outdoors.
Please support them every chance you get.
Moonshime Camoflage Products
Wildlife Trivia
Moxie Archery
New Gear Sponsor
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Our mission here at US Outdoorsman Central, based in  Phoenix, NY is to promote fishing
and hunting in several exciting ways. We want to send YOU some place you have never
been, doing something you only dreamed of doing before and for Free. We've sent hundreds
of members on these free trips all over the  U.S. and Canada since 2007. Will you be our next
movie star?
We've also given away thousands of daily free gear items to help you succeed in the field
and on the water. You will likely win free gear multiple times per year.
Our Trip Partners and Gear Partners are second to none!
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