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Sportsman Level Members Free Daily Gear - July
Muddy Girl|Liner lock knife with sheath
2 Winners:
Jill Hanson, WY
Mary Carpenter, OH
Muddy Girl
Vented 4" handle
2.75" black oxide coated high carbon stainless blade
Pocket clip on reverse side of handle.
Handle Rite Tools| Hooks - Multi Use
Handle Rite's Multi-Hooks
are a must have along with
the pliers in your tool box
and tackle box.
Handle Rite Tool Company|Multi - Use Hooks
Handle Rite Tools | Loop Handle Pliers
The First and Only Loop
Handle Pliers; "The Best
Pliers You Don't Have"
in your tackle box.
Handle Rite Tools|Loop handled pliers. A brand new product you
Drawing is 3/5
Wayne Longacre, WI
Quick Sight Elite
New Product for Archers
Drawing is Sunday 3/12
2 Winners:
Terry Edwards, IL
Jim Welter, IL
The NEW ElementTL is the second release in STAN’s® lineup to use
the Smokin’ XTM sears; it comes in both medium and large sizes
as well as three and four finger configurations. Whether your
shooting a light draw weight for indoors or a heavy 3D setup, the
ElementTL offers extreme repeatability with the reliability and
consistency you can only find in a STAN®.
Valued at $214.00
Stanislawski Element Black Trigger Rease|Value $214.00
Peter Walker, TX
The Pigman Sidekick Folding Knife
4" Plain Drop Point Stainless Steel
Blade Lock Back Delrin Handle Yellow
Drawing is 4/9/17
Lance Jennings, AR
Drawing is Monday 4/17
Jim Welter, IL
Rut Wrecker Bow Sight
Designed using the same advanced composite
design methods used on our SAXON sight, the
Rut Wrecker stands apart with more accurate 019
pins, over 60% more fiber, more clamping
surface and the addition of a precision level for
superior aiming characteristics. It also comes in
your choice of black, RealtreeAPG, Lost AT, or
Mossy Oak Break Up INFINITY Value is $60.00
Copper John | Rut Wrecker Bow Sight
Copper John
Team REALTREE| Beard Collector Combo
Drawing is 4/23
Winner: Brad Rhoades, OR
Team Realtree Beard Collector Set.
The perfect turkey hunting companion
for clearing shooting lanes, erecting
natural blind, weighing your trophy,
measuring beard and
spur length and field dressing.
Stans Archery Release Aid | The shootoff | ST:SO:L3 | Valued at $215.00
Stans shootoff!TL Release Aid
The NEW shootoff!TL model is built around the
silkpathTM sears and comes in both medium
and large sizes as well as three and four finger
configurations. New for 2016 we added our
patented Trainer Lock Pin to assist archers in
the learning and practicing process.
Valued at $215.00
Drawing is 4/30
Roger Wilson, NY
Pigman Shank Knife
Pigman Shank Knife
Pigman - The Shank Fixed Blade
Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
• 420 stainless teel satin finish blade
• Delrin Handle
• Nylon Sheath
• Heavy duty, fixed blade hunting knife
• 420 Stainless steel blade with black oxide coating
• Yellow Delran handle
2 Winners:
Harvey Jackson, TX
Jeff Graney, FL
Trivia will be played on Tuesdays
until the new website is launched.
Team REALTREE | Body Lock Knife
Drawing is 5/14
Winner: Joe Covey, CA
Filet Knife
Features Realtree AP HD® camo
handles with high carbon stainless
steel blade. Body lock feature safely
locks blade in place when fully opened.
Full pass through thumb stud allows for
easy left or right hand opening. Includes
heavy duty black embroidered nylon
4” Meat Hook / Gaff
420 Stainless steel
3/16" Diameter
Strong and durable
3.5 oz
Fits both aluminum and injection molded
Great for dragging out animals, fishing, field
dressing, hay hook and meat hook.
Tested to lift over 300 lbs
Heat treated for strength
RaptoRazor Meat Hook
Drawing is Monday 5/22
Carl White, WI
Drawing is Tuesday 5/30
2 Winners
Wayne Bernhardt, KY
Dale Griffy, IN
The GameXtractor
is a Canadian made product engineered by avid hunters to
deliver an effective and  efficient hunting solution.   Its an Ideal
accessory to extract deer and other game out of the woods!
Its Durable aluminum welded design, with a weight capacity of  
550 lbs or 250 Kg, has been proven to  handle many
demanding field hunting situations.
GameXtractor inserts into a 2" receiver, making it a perfect fit for
your ATV.
Never again be stuck in the bush with no way to retrieve your
trophy buck.  The GameXtractor allows one hunter to easily
extract large game - saving time, energy and their back.
TeamREALTREE| Filet Knfe with Sheatfh
Filet Knife
Features a razor sharp 7.25" stainless steel blade, overall length
13". Handle is durable full tang constructed with Realtree AP™ HD
Camo coating. The blade is manufactured from high carbon
includes a snap-on belt loop plastic sheath.
Drawing is Wednesday 6/7
Bobby VanDeusen, IL
Copper John TST Bow Sight
Torque Synchronizing Technology offers REAL form forgiveness by
eliminating torque induced error when it counts most!
The only sight specifically engineered to increase your bowhunting accuracy.
Like it or not, hunting shots come at odd angles when your heart is racing
and your adrenaline is pumping. You don’t get a warm up shot and you
certainly don’t get any second chances. The bowhunter needs a sight that
helps him compensate for those variables at the moment of truth and Torque
Synchronization Technology does just that.
Valued at $125.00
You can enter to win this TV Show Bonus Gear Give Away by
sending an email to  
dan@myusoc.com  and enter the
Key Words:
Copper John
Please include your name and the State you live in. This Bow Sight
is valued at $125.00.
There will be 2 winners.
Winners will be drawn on Tuesday 6/13

This show and Bonus Gear give a way is on the Tailwater Lodge
combo fishing and hunting trip to Oswego County, NY featuring
trip winners Mike and Isacc Van Horn , OH.
This Special Drawing will be on Wednesday 6/15
Philip Nielsen, ID
Phil Boardman, NY
Fishing Gear will return on the new website.
Phoenix, NY is to promote fishing and hunting by sending YOU
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some place you have never been, doing something you only
dreamed of doing before and for Free. We also want to put daily
free gear in your hands that you may have never had before to
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We've been doing this since 2006.
Get on board today, don't delay!
Team Realtree
Drawing is Monday 6/19
George Mitchell, NE
Features Realtree APTM HD Camo handles on uniquely
designed folding guthook knife. Blade is high carbon
stainless with black oxide finish. Heavy duty nylon belt
loop sheath provides safe storage of knife.
Team REALTREE| Saw/pruner combo
Drawing is 7/12
Andy Surrett, GA
The Team Realtree saw/pruner combo is the hunter's perfect choice for
all seasons. Clear and cut brush and limbs for concealment for turkey
hunting. Cut and trim limbs and small trees for shooting lanes. Combo
Includes: Heavy duty rachet pruner (cuts up to 3/4"). Folding Saw with
heavy duty modled handle.
Get the extra edge on your game, with Slayer Broadheads. In the heat of
a hunt, the last thing you want is to be worried about whether your gear
will perform. Our patented 'can not fail' broadhead design means the only
thing between you and your kill will be your own nerves.
Slayer Broadheads: Just Slay ‘Em
Drawing is 7/19
2 Winners
Robert Galdo, PA
Don Cook, CA
Slayer Broadheads|3 inch cut,  3 blades, 150 Grain
Eastern Exposure
Copper John|Mark 1 Bow Sight 5 pin standard bracket  .019 w/free light Valued at $85.00
Copper John
Robert Galdo, PA
Copper John Mark I Bowsight
The Mark I is the base model in the third generation of Copper
John’s award winning Dead Nuts line of pin sights. It is a
feature rich blend of economy and durability demanded by
today’s hunters. Non load bearing material is removed from
thick aluminium structural pieces leaving a tough, lightweight,
metal frame that will stand up to the world’s toughest hunting
Valued at $85.00
Sportsman Level Members Free Daily Gear - August
RaptoRazor| Combo Ultimate Field Dressing Knives|valued ar $55.00
Drawing is 8/9
Winner: Carl Harris Jr., MS
Designed with the extreme hunter in mind. This ultra lightweight PVC plastic knife set weighs in at just 8.1
oz total . The high visibility orange housing makes it easy to locate and won’t be left behind.
It’s innovative design offers a faster and cleaner way to process game, becoming a multifunctional knife.
The hook design cuts  from the inside out, Splitting the hair while making a precision cut. It also has the
ability to spin 360 degrees around the leg to open the hide and pop the joint. The bottom of the blade
becomes your guided skinner. With the blade sandwiched between the housing it lifts the blade off the
meat and hide making for a faster and cleaner job. The T grip handle offers complete control  even on the
toughest hides and eliminates hand fatigue.
The Mako proves to be versatile with its interchangeable blades, Converting from knife to saw in seconds.
The combo pack includes: 1 BGS housing, 1 Mako housing, 2 guards, 2 non slip grip handles with survival
compartment, each with extra screws,  Phillips screw driver for quick disassembly when cleaning and
switching out blades and 1 blade for each knife.
Wildlife Trivia 8/15
Maned Wolf
Maned wolves have the most incredibly long legs, a
characteristic that helps them see above the tall grasses of
central South America. They hunt mainly at night and during
dusk and dawn hours, while the days are spent dozing in
areas of thick bush cover. Unlike other wolves that live in
packs, maned wolves are solitary. Mated pairs share a home
range but remain fairly independent of each other at all times
except during the breeding season. The maned wolf
(Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the largest canid of South
America. Its markings resemble those of foxes, but it is not a
fox, nor is it a wolf, as it is not closely related to other canids.
They also amazingly mostly survive on wild berries, not meat.
It is the only species in the genus Chrysocyon and this genus
is also known by what other name?
Golden Wolf
Copper John|Mark 3 Bow Sight| Copper Johns flagship bow sight
Copper john
Drawing is 8/16
Winner: Terry Sullivan, OH
Mark III
Copper John’s flagship sight is the Mark
III; it was engineered to be cowboy
tough, surgically precise, and feature
rich. From the all metal construction to
the high definition offered by our
proprietary MicroDOTTM technology, we
know you will be impressed by this
feature rich hardware.
Stans Element Resistance Release
Stan Release
Sears stan-resistance-releases-element
Like anything worth having, STAN’s:® Smokin’XTM
sears were a long time coming. Theory alone will not
result in a design that is repeatable. Only painstaking
craftsmanship and revision after revision will get you
there and with the Smokin’ XTM sears we took our time.
Consistency is key with a resistance release and the
Smokin’ XTM sears deliver a very tight +/- 1/8 lbs from
shot to shot and have an operating range from holding
weights as low as 9 lbs and up to 29 lbs.
Valued at $215.00
Stanislawski Archery Release Aids
Drawing is 8/24
Wildlife Trivia 8/22
The mysterious Black Wallaroo
The Black Wallaroo is one of three closely related species of moderately large macropods,
intermediate in size between the kangaroos and the wallabies.
At around 24 to 28 inches in length, excluding the tail, it is the smallest wallaroo and the most
heavily built. Males weigh 42 to 49 lb, females about 29 lb. Because it is very wary and is
found only in a small area of remote and very rugged country, it is little known.
The black
wallaroo can only be seen where it occupies an area of steep, rocky ground.
What is this remote area known as?
Black Wallaroo