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If it lives, moves, swims, walks, crawls, flies or breaths, it's a creature or critter of some sort.  
We  run the Trivia Contests on Tuesday's only, as a rule.  
Send Trivia answers to : myusocdan@gmail.com
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Wildlife Trivia -Tuesday 10/16
The Bushmaster is a large venomous pit viper species found in southern Central America and the northern half of South America
including the island of Trinidad. ​The bushmaster lives in remote relatively cool, heavily forested moist tropical forests from low
mountainous areas to coastal lowlands. The bushmaster is a very large snake, with specimens often exceeding 6.5 ft in length. But
they can grow to be over 12 ft., making them the longest venomous snake found in the Americas.
The bushmaster is also known by many other names along its range. Name a few of them.
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periodicaly. Did not go as expected.
Will get it resolved and there will be a
delay answering email's.
Send trivia email's to
myusocdan@gmail.com until further notice.