Wildlife Trivia Weekly Contests
Answer  Wildlife Trivia Questions and learn more about the critters and creatures we share our planet with.
If it lives, moves, swims, walks, crawls, flies or breaths, it's a creature or critter of some sort.  
You can enter to win the  weekly gear items and iIt's totally free to enter.
We  run the Trivia Contests on Tuesday's only, as a rule.  
Send Trivia answers to : dan@myusoc.com
Wildlife Trivia
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Drawing is 1/2/18
2 Winners
Ric Buckles, IN
Terry Edwards, IL
Moon Shine Camo| Open Assist Camo Knife
4" Moon Shine Camo®,
Muddy Girl® coated handle
3" high carbon stainless steel
Patented, Collins Bros.
design, triple action spring
Lightweight Zytel handle
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Copper John|Mark 3 Bow Sight| Copper Johns flagship bow sight
Drawing is 1/9/18
Craig Ozer, NV
Stans SX3 Release Aid | Valued at 214.95
Drawing is 1/16/18
Winner:  Tyler Kemp, AZ
SX3 Release Aid
The new SX3 is built around the
silkpathTM sear and come in both
medium and large sizes as well as
three and four finger configurations.
The SX3 is built in the tradition of it’s
predecessor the SX2 but
incorporates the company’s new,
patent pending Trainer LockTM
technology. The gentle handle
sweep offers slightly more leverage
than the shootoff! models.
Stanislawski Archery Release Aids
RaptoRazor | Skinner and Mako Combo
Drawing is 1/22/18
Valued at $139.99
Winner: James Myers, PA
The GameXtractor is a Canadian made product
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The GameXtractor allows one hunter to easily
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Valued at $100.00
Drawing is 1/29/18
2 Winners
David Cassada, NY
George Collins, WY
I've personally used the
Gajo Baits
and for the first time in my life, I've
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I caught more Small Mouth Bass in
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I'm glad to have a bait company on
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Gajo Baits
3.25″ Spirit Shad Drop Shots – 12 pack 3.25″
4″ Swim Shad (Freshwater) – 6 pack
Drawing will be on 2/5
2 Winners
John Sprague, NY
Preston Thompson, WI
Gajo Baits
Celox First Aid Kit | Stops Bleeding |5' gauge roll
Celox First Aid
CELOX Gauze Roll,
5-Foot by 3-Inch
Stops Bleeding Fast
Drawing is 2/12
Joe Covey, CA
Moon Shine Camo | Muddy Girl Lightweight Linerlock Knife
Stan Element TL Heavy Metal Release Black 3 Finger
Stan Element TL Heavy Metal
Release Black 3 Finger
Resistance style release that is fired
by simply pulling through the shot –
no rotation required. Release must be
set to your bow’s holding weight plus
a small differential. Incorporates
Trainer Lock technology which
provides the ability to practice shot
execution without firing an arrow.
Made with heavy metal body for
improved feel and follow through.
•Resistance activated release
•Adjustable safety post
•Adjustable release tension
•Heavy brass body
Manufacturer Part Number:  01208
Valued at $214.95
Drawing is 2/19
Carl Harris, MS
Wildfire by Moon Shine Camo
Vented 4" handle
2.75" black oxide coated high carbon stainless blade
Pocket clip on reverse side of handle.
Drawing is 2/26
3 Winners Steve Wowelko, NY
David Allen, OH
Jerry Welch, OH
Celox | Outdoorsman Stop the Bleeding Kit. Valued at $59.99
Drawing is 3/12/18
Dominic Illiano
The Celox Outdoorsman Kit
The Celox Survivor Pack Contains:
1 Pack of 5 Nosebleed Pads
5 2g Individual Packs of Celox First Aid Granules
1 8"x8" Gauze Pad
Valued at $60.00
Folding Caper/Skinner Lockback
Features a 3.25" folding, high carbon stainless,
caping blade which will make quick work of any
field dressing operation. Handle is coated with
Realtree Camo. Includes nylon sheath.
Drawing is 3/5
2 winners
Jack Sadownikow, WI
Robert Sheely, TX
Drawing is 3/19
Winner:Josh Godlewski, DE
Filet MAKO Kit
RaptoRazor Filet Mako Kit
Valued at $99.99
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Moon Shine Camo | Spring Assisted Opening Camo Knife
Moon Shine Camo
Drawing is 3/26
2 Winners
Bill Donnelly
Felix Lopez
4" Moon Shine Camo®, Muddy Girl® coated
3" high carbon stainless steel blade
Patented, Collins Bros. design, triple action
spring assist
Lightweight Zytel handle
Pocket Clip
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Spray bottle of
Clenzoil Field and Range
Cleaning and Lubrication Oil
Spray bottle of
Clenzoil Marine and Tackle
Cleaning and Lubrication Oil
Drawing is 4/2
A set of two - 2 Winners
Arlen Lipper, MO
Jan Shenberger, PA
Clenzoil | 4 oz. Bottle of Aerosol Spray for Field & Range
Clenzoil - 4 oz.
& Range
Foaming Aerosol
Drawing will be 4/9
2 Winners
Paul Hines, WA
Carl Allen
Wildlife Trivia 4/10
The Viper fish is one of the fiercest
predators of the deep.
These water critters can live
roughly how many years?
30 - 40 years
Waist Pack with two
waterpoof aLOKSAK bags
SUBSAK | Waterproof Waist Pack
Wildlife Trivia 4/17
The Yangtze giant softshell turtle also called Red River turtles, are the largest freshwater turtles
in the world. They can live for nearly a century and grow to be nearly 200 pounds. A fertile
female from Changsha Zoo was introduced to the only known male in China, a 100-year-old
individual in Suzhou Zoo, in 2008. The female, who is over 80 years old, was said to settle in
well after her 600-mile move, and biologists were optimistic for breeding success.  National
Geographic reported that in the sixth breeding season for the Suzhou mating pair, 80 eggs
have been laid, but none were fertile.
How many of these rare critters are alive today?
Yangtze Giant Softshelled Turtle.
Drawing on 4/16
3 Winners
James Meyers, PA
Don Cook, CA
Roger Theisen, CO
Crush | Folding Body Lock Knife
Crush "Big Buck Down" Folding Body Lock Knife
Lightweight folding body lock
4.5" Handles have G-10 insert
High carbon steel 3.25" blade with black oxide coating
Stainless pocket clip
Thumb stud can be used right or left handed
Product # 91-LT1665CP
Drawing is 4/23
2 Winners