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Answer  Wildlife Trivia Questions and learn more about the critters and creatures we share our planet with.
If it lives, moves, swims, walks, crawls, flies, breaths, it's a creature or critter of some sort.  
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RaptoRazor| Combo Ultimate Field Dressing Knives|valued ar $55.00
Drawing is 8/9
Winner: Carl Harris Jr., MS
Copper John|Mark 3 Bow Sight| Copper Johns flagship bow sight
Copper john
Drawing is 8/16
Winner: Terry Sullivan, OH
Mark III
Copper John’s flagship sight is the Mark III; it
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Drawing is 8/24
Winner: Carl Colasacco, NC
CRUSH|Folding Guthook with Nylon Pouch

Buckstag Delrin Linerlock Fixed Blade

This handsome liner lock has an overall length of 6.77".
Blade is 2.91" in length, mirror polished high carbon
stainless steel that is hand honed to a razor's edge.
Features a thumb stud for easy one handed opening.
- High Carbon Stainless
- Linerlock
- Buckstag Delrin Handles
- Lightweight Handle

- Blade Length: 2.91"
- Overall Length: 6.77"
- Blade Material: Mirror polished high carbon stainless steel  
Team REALTREE| Buckstag Delrin Liner Lock Knife
Folding gut hook with Nylon Pouch
4-3/4" Handles have G-10 side plates
3-3/8" High carbon stainless steel gut
hook blade with black oxide coating
Heavy duty nylon pouch.
Drawing is 9/11
3 Winners
Patty Dilliard, WI
Brent Larsen, UT
Scott Parmely, SD
Drawing is 9/18
2 Winners
Larry White, AZ
Dale Vaught, VA
Wildfire by Moon
Shine Camo

4" Moon Shine Camo®, Wildfire® coated handle
3" high carbon stainless steel blade
Patented, Collins Bros. design, triple action
spring assist
Lightweight Zytel handle
Pocket Clip
Patent# US08752298
Drawing is 9/25
2 Winners
Ernest Day, NY
Roger Theisen, TX
Crush Knives
The Blackbuck is an antelope found in India, Nepal and
Pakistan. The antelope is native to and found mainly in India
The long, ringed horns, (14–30 in) long, are generally
present only on males, though females may develop horns
as well. Cold climates do not suit the Blackbuck. This
antelope was introduced in what US State in 1932 and by
what other name is this critter known as?
Wildlife Trivia 10/10
The Gelada Baboon
The gelada  is a species of Old World monkey found only in the Ethiopian Highlands, with large populations
in the Semien Mountains. Geladas are actually not baboons but members of their own genus
Theropithecus. Theropithecus is derived from the Greek root words for "beast-ape."Like its close
relatives the baboons, it is largely terrestrial, spending much of its time foraging in grasslands.
By what other name is the Gelada known as?

Answer: The Bleeding- Heart Monkey
Moon Shine Camo Insulated Lunch Cooler|
A Crush Outdoorsman kit by Kutmaster that
7 1/4 Hi-tech Liner lock knife
Guthook field dressing knife with sheath
Hi- tech fixed blade knife with sheath
A folding saw with sheath.
Manufacturer Number: 91-RT405CP
Drawing is Monday 10/11
Steve Wowelko, NY
Drawing is 10/16
3 Winners
Dale Griffy, IN
Cindy Shenberger, PA
Matt Smith, IN
Moon Shine Camo
Insulated Lunch Cooler
Wildlife Trivia 10/17
The Markhor  is a large species of wild goat that is found in northeastern
Afghanistan, northern and central Pakistan, Kashmir in northern India, southern
Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan and in the Himalayas.
The species was classed by the IUCN as Endangered until 2015 when it was
upgraded to Near Threatened, as their numbers have increased in recent years by an
estimated 20% for the last decade.
The Markor is known by what other name and what country is this critter the national
animal of?
Wildfire Spring Assisted Opening Knife by Moon Shine Camo
Drawing is 10/23
2 Winners
4" Moon Shine Camo®, Wildfire®
coated handle
3" high carbon stainless steel blade
Patented, Collins Bros. design, triple
action spring assist
Lightweight Zytel handle
Pocket Clip