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Our mission here at US Outdoorsman Central, based in  Phoenix, NY is to promote fishing
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dreamed of doing before and for Free. We've sent hundreds of members on these free
trips since 2007. Will you be our next movie star?

and on the waters. You can win free gear multiple times per year.
Our Trip Partners and Gear Partners are second to none!
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Orion Coolers
The Ultimate in Predator Scope
Lights and Head Lamps  
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Lumenock Lighted arrow nocks
US Outdoorsman Central invites you to come to Oswego County for great hunting, fishing. camping and more!
Moxie Archery
MTR Custom Leather|Holsters and much more.
Field and Stream|A US Outdoorsman Central Membership Sponsor
This is the best game seasoning we've ever had at USOC.Iron Skillet|Game Seasonings|Dennis Dedek|US Outdoorsman Central Kit Sponsor
Game & Fish Seasonings
Gamextrator|Protect the Rack, save your Back!
Clam Quick-Set Tents
Muddy Girl|Lunch Box Cooler by Moon Shine Camo
Muddy Girl
Team Realtree
Air Frame High Performance Saw by Kutmaster
RaptoRazor|Alumimum Hydro Dipped Big Game Skinner and Mako Combo
Eastern Exposure
Muddy Girl|Lunch Box Cooler by Moon Shine Camo
Muddy Girl
Muddy Girl|Lunch Box Cooler by Moon Shine Camo
Muddy Girl
SRB Field Rests
SRB Archery Field Rest
Terminator Hog Hunting Light
Terminator Hunting
Team REALTREE | Buckstag Delain Liner Lock Knife



Wildfire by Moon
Shine Camo
Team REALTREE|Vented Frame Lock Knife
Team REALTREE|Caper/Skinner Folding Precision Lockback Knife
Crush|Big Buck Down Folding Precision Caper/Skinner Lockback
Crush Knives
Crush|3 each stainless steel knifes
Crush Knives
Sore Lip Custom Jigs| a surprise of 3 different Jigs
Quick Site Elite
Quick Site Elite
Wildfire by Moon
Shine Camo
Sore Lip Custom
Tricky Phish Baits -
Veteran Owned
Tricky Phish Baits| a surprise of 3 different baits
Copper John TST Bow Sight Black 5 pin|Valued at $125.00
Copper John
GameXtractor|ATV Accessory
Value $100.00
Stans Archery shootoff Release Aid
Don Cook, CA
Brian Warner, LA
Robert Allen, MI
Payton Mckee, AL
Gabe Wilson, MD
Larry Mcintosh, KY
Henry Stump, VA
Andy Surrett, GA
Trivia Gear
Stan Release
Trivia Gear
Richard Brown, NM
Scott Yelton, NC
David Wesley, AZ
Frank Williams, VA
Robert Allen, MI
Ronald Gil, NC
Mike Langley, CO
Wildlife Trivia
3 Winners
Nick Bobish, PA
Dale Griffy, IN
Jamie Terhaar, WI
Vented Frame Lock Knife
This rugged stainless framelock has
an overall length of 6.75". The 2.7"
high carbon stainless black oxidized
blade in hand honed to a razors edge.
Blade locks in open position. Belt clip
is on reverse side of knife.
James Sarette, NH
2 Winners
Mike Willinski, NH
Frank Nicoletti, NC
Trivia Gear
Trivia Gear
Tom Peterman, OK
Russell Brown, NC
Brian Andrews, WA
Frank Waldron, MAA
Shane Stoval, OK
David Brewer, OK