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Please Notice: US Outdoorsman Central is a Veteran Owned Company
We are asking anyone who joins USOC as a Sportsman Member to consider Donating their magazine of choice to a Veterans Hospital. This is optional only!
After joining and selecting "Send to a Veterans Hospital",  send an email to letting me know the complete address of the Veterans Hospital you want the
magazine sent to. If you don't care,  we'll just have it sent to a VA Hospital or Clinic in your State, no problem and we'll let you know where it's being sent.. .
It WILL be appreciated and it WILL make a difference!  
Thank you in advance on behalf of all Veterans - Past, Present and Future
Your Choice of Field
& Stream or Outdoor
Life at Checkout for
1 full year.
You can also have
your magazine sent
to a Veterans
Hospital. (Optional)
Free Memberships - You can play weekly Wildlife
Trivia to win gear and win Pursuit Channel trips
but not eligible to win daily gear give aways.
A gear item may be valued at $5.00 or over
$500.00, you never know.
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Sportsman Level Members - You will have 3 automatic entries for all  Free Hunting and Fishing
Gear drawings and  every trip we give away unless otherwise indicated for a special entry.
USOC Outdoorsman Central Sportsman Membership Decal
Outdoor Life Magazine|Comes with US Outdoorsman Sportsman Membership Package
Field & Stream Magazine|Comes with USOC Sportsman Membership Package
Iron Skillet Seasonings
Iron Skillet Seasonings
US Outdoorsman Central Koozie
Maxam IV Falcon Lockback Folding Key Chain Knife|Simply a must have and for many reasons.
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Gear Program

Included in the kit you will receive:

Outdoor Life or Field & Stream magazine   
for 1 year only  - 12 issues                     
.USOC Decal                                                                                                       
USOC Koozie                                                                                                      
USOC pack of Grilling Rub or Fish Seasoning                                            
A Maxam  Falcon IV lockback key chain knife                                                
LOKSAK  3.7" x 7" Waterproof Cell Phone Bag                                          
Just added: A Muddy Girl Pink Camo Can Cooler

See all gear in kit below.
You can purchase a Sportsman Level Membership for as many of your family members or friends as you like, there is no limit. They will be sent an email
Welcoming them Aboard and their Membership Kit will be sent out immediately upon you purchasing a Membership and selecting
"I'm buying this for someone else" option at Checkout.
Send an email to with the following information of who you bought the membership for. Name, Address, email address and a phone number
in case they win a trip. If you know what magazine they want, list that as well. If you are already a Sportsman Member and buy someone a membership or help
someone sign up, you will get 3 additional permanent entries for every filmed trip we give away and for every single daily gear give away, both for the fishing
gear and the hunting gear items.
2017 is going to be an unbelievable year with US Outdoorsman Central with your support.
A  3.7" x 7" Waterproof Cell Phone Bag
LOKSAK | Waterproof Bags
LOKSAK Waterpoof Cell Phone Bags
Hermetic Seal – An Absolute Airtight Seal Preventing the Re-entry or Release of Air and Micro-Organisms
Made in the USA
Holds Five Patents
Stock Sizes Ranging from 5″ X 4″ to 16″ X 24″ and 12″ X 48″ for weapon storage
Protects Against Microscopic Particles like Dust and Sand
Recyclable and Reusable
All Touch Screen Electronics Work 100% While Protected in the aLOKSAK
Make and Receive Phone Calls While Phone is Protected in aLOKSAK
US Outdoorsman Central Welcomes
LOKSAK as a new official Sponsor of our
Sportsman Level Membership Kit
US Outdoorsman Central Welcomes
LOKSAK as a new official Sponsor of our
Sportsman Level Membership Kit
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Muddy Girl Pink Camo Can Cooler