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Partnered with the Pursuit
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USOC Adventures TV - Season 4  2017
Q1/Q2 Air Times on the Pursuit Channel.
Airs on Direct TV - Channel 604
Dish Network - Channel 393
Monday - 8:00 am EST
Monday - 8:00 pm EST
Thursday - 7:30 pm EST

US Army Veteran Travis Rupert is on his first Bowfishing adventure. Travis
will be Bowfishing on Oneida Lake in Central NY. Premier Bowfishing and
American Bowhunter are hosting Travis on this trip.This adventure is
sponsored  by AMS Bowfishing, Innerloc Broadheads, and Lumenok Lighted
Arrow Nock.

We are at Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club in SC with the trip
winners of the Father & Velvet Buck Hunt on opening day.
The son received a brand new Henry Carbine Rifle from Henry Rifles to hunt
his buck with.

Pursuit Channel and US Outdoorsman Central member trip winner, Hank
Morse, OK is on a Big Game hunt to Cow Creek Ranch in Texas. Also,
Damon Bungard from Orion Coolers is in search of his first Trophy Aoudad

Pursuit Channel and US Outdoorsman Central member Trip Winner Walter
Fritz from Mass. is on a Trophy Bass fishing trip to Lake Erie in Niagara
County NY. Walter is guided by Captain Terry Jones of First Class Bass
Charters. The hawgs are jumpin
on to our hooks.
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Trip Winner, Walt Goddard, MO   goes fishing with Guide William Clute on the
St. Lawrence River and is a Marshall on the Bassmaster Elite Tourney.
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USOC and Pursuit Channel Trip Winner, Jared Thomas from Missouri is on
his Dream Waterfowl Hunt to Cheyenne Ridge, North Platte Outpost in

Trip winner Bernie Overby, MN is off to AZ to hunt mule deer with Big Chino
Guide Service. Bernie is a Viet Nam veteran and he's also a very good shot.

Trip winner Mike Carter, CA heads to TX to hunt his first whitetail with
Double T Outfitters in SW TX. There are plenty of whitetails on this free
range outfitters ranch.
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On this episode we hunt Coyotes in Oswego County NY at the Deer Creek
Motel with Night Eyes Lights owner and program Sponsor Joe Zaffuto,
owner of Night Eyes Lights
Show 9

We head on down to Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club in SC to hhunt hogs at
night. Too many hogs in the area are destroying farmes crops and  the
heard needs to be thinnned. Joe Zaffuto is with us again and we're trying
out some new high tech night vision gear provided by Blaze the Night,
Nite Sites and Night Eyes Lights. While there the crew actually saved a
cow stuck in the mud using the night vision gear.
Show 10

Pursuit Channel trip winner Danny Ewing from Kansas Hunts Deer and
Fishes for Steelhead in Oswego County NY. Plus, we hunt pheasants
with Military Veterans and the support of Rocky Outdoors.
Show 11

Pursuit Channel father and son trip winners, Mike and Isaac Van Horn
are on their dream adventure to the Tailwater Lodge in Oswego County
NY. This duo will be hunting Turkeys, Fly Fishing for Bass, and shooting
Sporting Clays.
Show 13

Pursuit Channel trip winner, Combat Veteran Gary French
from Texas is on his dream Gator and Hog Hunt to
Okeechobee Outfitters in Florida. Gary will be hunting at night
using the Blaze Torch Night vision Goggles.
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