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In Memory of Joey

Joey Eisch, son of the owner of Tricky Phish Baits, our 12 year
old son with a heart of gold.  Joey was tragically killed riding his
bike to his buddy’s house on July 24th 2015.  He was struck by a
truck heading in the same direction.  Joey would help dad in the
pouring process.  His favorite tasks were cutting the tails on the
tubes and packaging the Skinny Mini baits.  Anytime he was home
and dad was pouring baits, Joey would be there.

Why this is on our website?  We will honor Joey always, he was
part of the team, but more importantly, to open parents eyes.  
Kids drive us nuts sometimes but always remember to hug them
and tell them you love them everyday.  Make brownies for your
kids like Joey’s mom Maria always did.  It was one of her favorite
memories.  You never know when all of that will just be a memory.

We love you Joey, keep a spot warm for us.

P.S.  Please show dad where the fish are during tournaments :-)
The Pro Staff
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