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Welcome To US Outdoorsman Central

New York Outdoorsman Central (later years to become US Outdoorsman Central) was born in May of 2005 simply to provide the
NY outdoorsman with great information on where they could hunt and fish in NY State and where to get the gear to pursue the game and
fish they wanted to harvest. Or book a Charter or Hunt with an Outfitter. It was an informational website only. We're located in Phoenix, NY
near Syracuse , NY.

In April of 2006  we developed and launched a Membership program that gave away dozens of free hunting and fishing trips a year and
many we're for families as well. These trips we're all over the US and Canada as well. We felt that if we could send our members
someplace they have never been, possibly doing something they have never done, it would give our fellow outdoorsmen and women with
opportunities of a life time.  That's exactly what it has done and we continue to do this year after year.  These trips are provided by some
of the best Guides, Charters and Outfitters in the business across the country. These trips have enriched the lives of hundreds of our
members forever.

Late in 2009 we changed our name to US Outdoorsman Central.

In 2010 we developed a Marketing and Free Gear Calendar that allows companies to place new proven products on this marketing
calendar that we actively highlight, market and promote for them to our members and our USOC Adventures TV Show viewers.
Sportsman Members and TV Show viewers receive the free gear via random drawings and as Contest gear.
Sportsman Members win daily gear give aways.

We offer some of the most unique, creative, productive, yet inexpensive ad packages found in todays expensive marketing world
via our website, internet and on our national TV Show now also airing in Canada and key areas of Europe.   

In 2013 we became partners with the Pursuit Channel to create USOC Adventures TV Show airing on the Pursuit Channel as they
promote fishing and hunting and they deliver the outdoors year after year and our program does exactly that too. Many of our winning trip
members and other business partners wanted us to film these amazing free fishing and hunting trips we give away annually. So, that's
what we've done and now in our 6th season here in 2019 and again in 2020. Our trip winners have become movie stars for a day as our
show airs nationally and in prime time. Whether they are successful in these adventures or not, they always have a trip of a lifetime.

Our vision is simply to provide our fellow average outdoorsman, outdoors women and youngsters an opportunity to receive the gift of free
trips and gear to enrich their lives in a small way or in a big way. All of the amazing trips we give away and many include airfare courtesy
of the Pursuit Channel, our partner for our TV Show, are filmed and the Pursuit Channel airs them.

Although it's great fun to watch the pro celebrities on  shows, we do not have them in our programs. Our celebrities are our members.

Please let us know how we can improve our program and let us know what  we can do to help you in any way as an outdoorsman or an
outdoor related business, big or small.  

Yours Truly in the Great Outdoors

Dan Leonard
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Dana Hall - Co-Owner
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US Outdoorsman Central
We're committed to enhancing the love
of our favorite pastimes, hunting and
fishing, among sportsmen and women
everywhere by providing fun and
exciting opportunities to connect with
each other, win brand gear and live out
your dream adventure. Through our
interactive website and our USOC
Adventures TV Show airing on the
Pursuit Channel, we strive to support
and strengthen your passion in pursuit
of wild game in the field and on water.