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Cheyenne Ridge & North Outpost
Cheyenne - Ridge
North Platte Outpost
Cheyenne Ridge
Another amazing filmed trip for someone to win. This is a return trip to Cheyenne Ridge for an actioned packed waterfowl hunt. Situated in the heart of the Central Flyway, Cheyenne
Ridge’s North Platte Outpost is quickly becoming recognized as one of the country’s most predictable waterfowl destinations and year after year occupying three miles of Platte river
bottom and over 5,000 acres of Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters-owned land, the Outpost invites you to enjoy some of the best waterfowl shooting you’ll ever experience.  This hunt is for a
Sportsman Member  only to win! This trip and all other hunts and fishing trips in the future can be won only by current Sportsman Members of US Outdoorsman Central thereby
increasing the chances to win and substantially. More TBA
The lucky winner of this special Waterfowl Hunt is going to a Five Star Waterfowl wonderland at
North Platte Outpost  in Nebraska and number one in the U.S. for Mallards!  January 5-8, 2020  
How to win:
If you're a new or current Sportsman Member, send an email to   info@myusoc.com   and in the email
Subject line you must put in the in word:  
Nebraska (Only then will you be entered to win this hunt)
Please include your Name, State and Telephone number so we can call you when you win.
Good Luck to All!
Cheyenne - Ridge
Cheyenne - Ridge & North Platte Outpost
Cheyeene - Ridge & North Platte Outpost
Cheyenne Ridge & North Platte Outpost
Watch our Pursuit Channel and US Outdoorsman Central trip
winner Jared Thomas, MO  waterfowl hunting Episode at
Cheyenne - Ridge & North Platte Outpost in 2017.
TV Commercial promoting this hunt giveaway
This hunt is also Sponsored in part by Toxic Calls. Winner will
also be given one of their high value Waterfowl Game Calls.