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Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club
Amazing Velvet Buck
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"The finest deer, hog, and turkey hunting in the low country of South Carolina"
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club|2016 trip winner Ethan with his 8 point Velvet Buck
This is another terrific Pursuit Channel and US Outdoorsman Central Sponsored hunt with airfare
courtesy of the Pursuit Channel. It's another special Adult/Youth hunt to Collins Lowcountry Hunt
Club in Ehrhardt, SC this coming August. The adult and youth will be hunting for velvet bucks
and hogs too if time allows, courtesy of Tom Collins, the owner operator of Collins Lowcountry
Hunt Club.

The winners will be filmed and air on USOC Adventures TV Show on the Pursuit Channel in 2020.

Members of the Pursuit Channel and US Outdoorsman Central can sign up one time to win this
Adult/Youth combo Velvet Buck and Hog hunt.
Airfare for one is provided courtesy of the Pursuit
Channel. Food, lodging and guide are provided by Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club for both the
Adult and Youth. If driving, gas expenses are reimbursed. Hunting licenses must be acquired by
the hunters on site.

Sign up to win this hunt by sending an email to and you must place in the
Heading the Keywords:
Collins Hunt
to be eligible to win this exciting hunt. The hunt will be drawn in late March, TBA.
Please let me know your Name, State and telephone number so we can call you if you win this
awesome hunt. You can get another entry by signing up for this on the Pursuit Channel website
Pursuit Channel
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club in SC.
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club
Ethan, up early and on his way to the big hunt!
Ethan suiting up bright and early.
Young Ethan tells us about his Father/Son hunt to Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club he won in 2016.
The door was a barrage of handshakes and introductions.
Outside of the hunt I played games like pool, ping-pong, and air-hockey. On the first day we were up and into the woods by 5:45, and got back by 10. During that time I
saw three deer two six-pointers and a doe. When I saw them I started shaking immediately. I had my sights on one of the sixes, and when I shot we found a little blood
but not enough for a trail. I was bummed out. When we went out again later that evening I saw a doe and two fawns. I was sad that i did not get to redeem myself.
The next morning we did not see anything, and I was starting to get really disappointed. Near the end of the second day Tony Lasinski, my one-time hunting partner
and the cameraman, spotted literally all of the deer, was scanning the treeline right at dark, and saw an eight-pointer standing about 80 yards out. This time the
shaking didn’t start until after I shot. I was shaking so much that I was probably shaking the tree stand. The eight-pointer was the biggest deer that I’ve shot to date.
What made him more special was that he was in velvet, and to me
that’s pretty cool. I may never have another chance for a deer like this the rest of my life.
The next day I slept in and went out that afternoon and I sat and watched a spike for about and hour. During the three day period not only did I get a deer but five other
hunters did too. One of the other deer, an eight-pointer, was killed on the last night by my dad. Another great part of the trip was listening to all of the stories that the
seasoned hunters had to tell. I think that the best aspect of the lodge was the cooking. Geneva, the cook, cooked amazing spaghetti and meat-balls, porkchops, fried-
chicken, and ribs for supper.
Mr. Tom Collins’s Hunting lodge made my dad and I feel right at home during the trip. I want to thank Mr. Tony Lasinski for spotting all of the deer that I saw during the
trip because without him I would’ve come home empty handed.
I also want to thank USOC Adventures TV, Tom Collins, Henry Rifles and Mr. Imperato, Dan Leonard, and the Pursuit Channel for making this trip possible.
Lee and son William Shelton| Velvet buck and hog hunt to Collins Lowcountry Hunt Clb in August, 2017
Collins Lowcountry Hunt Club adult/youth velvet buck hunt winners. Wade And Jaiden, NY
Our 2018 trip winners: Wade Schrag
and daughter Jaiden, 12.
Collins Lowcountry Hunting Club - Jaiden, 12, gets her Velvet Buck in 2018.
Jaiden Schrag, 12,  NY gets her
handsome velvet buck in 2018

Contact Tom to book your own
velvet buck, turkey or hog hunt
before he sells out for 2019.
Phone:  (803) 267-2825

Watch this free trip
Commercial by Pursuit
And this picture says it all! Ethan and Edward
Ethan with his Velvet
Buck in 2016
This picture say's it all
Lee and William Shelton, VA The
2017 trip winners and young William,
12, got his velvet buck!