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Dan Leonard|Owner of US Outdoorsman Central and Host of USOC Adventures TV
Dan Leonard - Founder, Owner of USOC
Cell 315-532-5620
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US Army - Airborne Ranger 2/75
Proudly Served.
Husband, Father, Grampa
US Army  509th Airborne - Vicenza, Italy
Wildlife Trivia
"Rangers Lead the Way"
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US Outdoorsman Central
We're committed to enhancing the love of our favorite
pastimes, hunting and fishing, among sportsmen
and women everywhere by providing fun and exciting
opportunities to connect with each other, win brand
gear and live out your dream adventure. Through our
interactive website and our USOC Adventures TV
Show airing on the Pursuit Channel, we strive to
support and strengthen your passion in pursuit of
wild game in the field and on water.