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Double T Outfitters
Double T Outfitters
Double T Outfitters
Offers the best in Southwest Texas Hunting Adventures.  From trophy Texas whitetail
hunts, wild turkey, dove, quail, as well as exotics, hogs and predator hunts, Double T
Outfitters will offer you the best outdoor adventure and hunting packages.
All of our ranches are professionally game managed, and our Southwest Texas hunting
packages include lodging, meals, as well as the best professional guides in the
industry. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and experienced guides
to deliver our clients the "hunt of a lifetime." Having access to over 30,000+ acres of
private land to hunt ensures our clients never have to worry about ranches being
overbooked or over hunted.

Though we specialize in free-range and low fence hunting, we do also have high fence
hunting available. We cater to individuals, families, small groups and corporate hunting
trips. Double T also offers ranch stocking services including stocker bucks, breeder
bucks and does.

Be sure to check out our current hunts, and let us know if you are interested in a custom
hunting package. We are able to tailor hunts to fit almost any budget or need.
CALL   210.413.1597
Aoudad or Barbary Sheep|Double T Outfitters
This free hunt is about exciting as it can possibly be in all
The Pursuit Channel or US Outdoorsman Central member who wins
this hunt is truly going on a trip of a lifetime. This hunt will take place
Double T Outfitters owned by Bret Ferguson in SW TX.
You will be hunting invasive free range exotics. Blackbucks and
Aoudad Sheep. You'll also be hunting them at night as well using
night vision gear. That's right, hunting at night with night vision gear
and the hunt is being filmed to air in January of 2018, our 5th season.
Any member can enter to win this hunt. Airfare is provided courtesy
of the Pursuit Channel, food, lodging and guides are provided by
Double T Outfitters and it will be filmed by USOC Adventures TV in
October. Hunting license is not included.

You can enter to win this great hunt by emailng
and you must use the Keywords:  
Double T  in the Subject Line or
you won't be entered properly.
Here are the invasive free range exotics you will be lucky to be hunting. Aoudad Sheep and Blackbucks.
Wildlife Trivia
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Aoudad Sheep
Double T Outfitters
Double T Outfitters
Double T Outfitters
Winner: Mike Wilkey, OK
Winner: Mike Wilkey, OK took this night hunt Aoudad Ram on
March 1st, 2018 at Double T Outfitters in SW,TX. Mike was using
the brand new high tech  
Aurora Sionyx Night Vision Camera.
Here is Mikes Trip Story

What a trip!!
I am so thankful and blessed to have been drawn to participate in the Auodad “night vision” hunt that was sponsored by USOC Adventures TV, the Pursuit Channel, Sionyx, and
Double T Outfitters.  Even though we had some delays due to the hurricanes that hit south Texas last fall, we were still able to pull things together for a dream hunt of a lifetime.  
Everyone involved was extremely nice and knowledgeable with regard to this hunt.

I picked up Tony (USOC co-host and camera man) at the San Antonio airport Wednesday afternoon, and we began our track toward Double T Outfitters, which is located west of
Del Rio, TX.  After a stop to get my 5 day hunting license, we met our guide at the gate of the ranch about 5:30 pm.  We changed clothes, Tony quickly pulled all of the equipment
together, I shot my rifle a couple of times to make sure the night vision scope mount was working and the gun was still on.  We quickly headed into the field right at dark.  Due to
the recent activity on the trail cameras, we were hoping to get setup that first night before dark, but we actually ran about 30 minutes later than anticipated.   The game cameras
had indicated the rams were moving between 6:30 & 8 pm, and 10 & 12 pm – although as you know, there are no guarantees when hunting fair chase animals on a 14,000 acre
low fence ranch!  We saw a few deer the first night, but our hunt was cut a few hours short due to some rain moving into the area.  Our few hours out that first night, however, did
allow us to check the quality and “tricks” of the equipment, as well as plan for a better setup for the second night.

We spent the next day looking over the ranch and making plans for our 2nd nights hunt.  The guide from Double T Outfitters which is owned and operated by Bret Fergosan  put
together a portable blind on the back of one of their jeeps so we would be better concealed, as well as be a few feet off the ground.  This allowed the night vision equipment to
have a more direct view of the area we were hunting, rather than trying to look through trees and scrub brush.  We were setup the 2nd night about an hour before dark, and
multiple deer began to filter in at dusk.  Because it was dark, and due to the keen awareness of the Auodad rams, we did not leave our equipment on the entire time.  We basically
turned it on about every 10-15 minutes, surveyed the area, then turned it off.  Just as we hoped, we switched the equipment on about an hour after dark, and we spotted the 3
rams coming in to the protein feeder used for cattle.  We watched them for almost 30 minutes as they worked their way to our best shooting lane, which was about 75 yards away.  
While the first ram was nice, the second one was certainly better.  Unfortunately the 3rd ram did not come in like we hoped, so we did not get a good look at him, although he
appeared to be a great ram as well.
After the 1st ram cleared and began to feed off, the 2nd ram came into my shooting lane.  He was quartering to me, but since I had the opportunity to watch them for a few
minutes, which calmed my nerves, and since I had a great rest on my backpack on the jeep, I told Tony I was ready to take the shot.  I shot, they scrambled, and then the anxiety,
excitement, nervousness, and shakes all set in!  I could not see the hit in the night vision screen, but Tony believed he heard the ram “crash”.  We took some time to get our things
together, then started the walk of victory or defeat!  Once we got to the protein feeder, I quickly noticed there was no blood on my side of the feeder.  My heart sunk.  As we
walked to the back side of the feeder, we found a good blood trail.  While I thought the ram was on my side of the feeder when I shot, it turned out he was still on the back side of
the feeder.  Thus, I actually shot him standing on the back side of the feeder!  After a quick search, we found the trail the ram ran down after the shot.  I was feeling somewhat
depressed as we began our walk because the blood trail quickly disappeared.  However, approximately 40 yards from the shot, there he was, lying right on the trail!!  Wow, what a
roller coaster of emotions.  It was awesome walking up on this animal and getting to hold those horns in my hand!!  We contacted our guide and gave them the good news.  After
some high fives, handshakes, and laughs, we loaded up “my” ram, and headed down the “victory” trail!!

While the hunt was quick, it was amazing.  The equipment worked perfectly, and the Scionyx Aurora camera was better than I could have imagined.  We used the camera both at
day and night, and the quality and clarity were both excellent.  Tony did a great job, and the Double T guides and cook certainly worked hard to make sure our hunt and time at
camp was top notch.  

Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible adventure!!

Keep in touch,

Mike Wilkey, OK
Mike Wilkey, OK with his handsome Aouada Ram taken at double T Outfitters in SW, TX.
Night Hunt Trip Winner Mike Wilkey gets his Aoudad Ram using the brand
Aurora Sionyx Night Vision Camera
while hunting at Double T Outfitters in SW, TX on March 1, 2018
See the camera above. It was like shooting in daylight while filming with
this camera Mike had said.
Here is Mikes Trip Story

Show 7
This show features trip winner Mike Wilkey, OK on a night hunt for Aoudad
Rams in SW, TX at Double T Outfitters owned by Brett Fergusen. Mike will  
be using the incredible new  night vision camera, the
Aorora Sionyx