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Game Sled II

The next generation of game removal sleds offered by Hunting's
A Drag; holds many similar features as our other sled products
with some new abilities that were missing from our “Original
Game Sled™, as well, some items were removed to allow for a
more compact unit. The new Game Sled II™ will perform as the
original Game Sled™ for retaining your infield animal, capable of
extracting game in the 400 pound plus range.

The new twist: All welded construction for applying the strapping
which support the retainers and aid in the function of removing
game; secured to the base sheeting. As well now having the
capability of changing the retaining fasteners if damaged. This
new processes will only enhance the overall product’s longevity
when placed in the hands of the end users. Best news, all our
new sleds are
made here in the USA.

The support loops on the outer edges for placing stretcher type
carrying poles; these items are inherent to the Original Game
Sled™. These inclusive items are more in line with the needs of
Outfitters, but are only on the Original Game Sled™. These
inclusive items added weight to the end product to carry to the
field, something that hunters constantly battle, thus these were
removed.  Also removed was the velcro to adjust the inner
retainers; all to lighten the end unit for taking to the field! The
inner retainers are now fixed and placement allows for greater
retention of many sizes of game types. Retainers are now color
coded for an easier process to retain your game and remove
from the field.

Though we chose to remove some items from the Game Sled II™
to allow for slightly lighter and a more compact unit, yet keeping
all the extraction capabilities as our original Sled. With a foot print
in open state of 70 inches by 50 inches, yet stores/rolls to a
closed state of 5 1/2 inch by 15 inches with its own cameo carry
bag; weighing in at just over 5 pounds.  We are posting the photo
of the new Game Sled II™ for your review and are focusing on
supply needs at this time. As we have stated many times;
purchasing an extraction unit from our line of Game Sleds, you
are obtaining a product that will last for years and a multitude of
extractions of your game/trophy animals.
Game Sled GS II|15
Game Sled II, Next generation of the Game Sled line; welded construction
w/color code retention straps and replaceable connectors.
GSII rolled and measures 15 inches in length
Game Sled II| Tag it, Bag it, Drag it. Big game up to 400 pounds
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