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Dirt 5x | Extreme Cover Scent
Smoke 5x Bear | Attractant
Irresistible 5x Bear | Attractant
Xtreme Berry 5x Bear | Attractant
Buck-Tella | Synthetic
Brute Buck | Synthetic
Fresh Apple Attractant 5x  
Attractant Scent
High Octane |
Lab Verified Doe Estrus
Seductive Doe | Natural
Irresistible Attractant 5x
Attractant Scent
Acorn Attractant 5x | Acorn Scent
Electronic Hand Warmer |
Power Bank | LED Light
Scent Off 5x | Scent Eliminator
Buck Musk | Natural
Deep Woods | Hat
Open Field | Hat
Operator | Hat
Black Hunting T-Shirt | Hunting Apparel
Brute Buck | Natural
Hot Wicks | Heated Hunting Scents Dispenser
Heated Hunts Bundle
Hunter’s Bundle Deal
Hot Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
#BuckDown | Hot Wicks / Extra Battery
Pack / Wicks / 2 Scents
Increase The Performance of Scent With Heat
Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser
These new cutting edge products lead the
way for Deer Hunting. Order your's fast
because they are flying off the shelves.
Heated Hunt Dispenser - Doe Estrous
Heated Hunts Dispenser - Bucks In Action
Heated Hunts Dispenser In Action
Heated Hunting Scents Dispenser
Heated Hunting Scents is the game changer the hunting community
has been waiting for. Thanks to Heated Hunts a hunter can simply take
their favorite hunting scents, fill up the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser
and heat it up!  Make the scent travel 100, 200 or even past the 500
yards mark beyond the current range.  Don’t forget that your scent isn’t
going anywhere on cold days; and when it’s freezing out, guess what
your scents will too! The colder it gets the less the scent travels. The
key here is diffusion which is gradual heat to promote the scent to
travel, not instant vaporization, which isn’t sending the scent anywhere.
Bear Attractants
Heated Hunts | Heat Dispensers to spread out your scents and attractants. Awesome products.
Donna Hart, OK
More Information
Heated Hunts
Order yours today while they still have
some left.
or call 570-871-0032
They have over a dozen scents and
attractants to heat up, something for
Deer and even Bear. Find what will work
for you in your area.
Heated Hunts
Increase The Performance of Scent and
attractants With
Heated Hunts Scent Dispensers and their
scent selections are unequaled in the industry.
30 second Videos.
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