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Moonshime Camoflage Products
Stanislawski Archery Products | Makers of the worlds finest archery Release aids.
Henry Rifles -
Aurora Sionyx Camera
US Outdoorsman Central invites you to come to Oswego County for great hunting, fishing. camping and more!
Celox First Aid Stop the Bleeding Products
Game & Fish Seasonings
This is the best game seasoning we've ever had at USOC.Iron Skillet|Game Seasonings|Dennis Dedek|US Outdoorsman Central Kit Sponsor
USOC Welcomes New Gear Sponsor
Wildlife Trivia
MTR Custom Leather
Loksak| waterproof bags for cell phones. An offcial kit sponsor for Sportsman Level Members
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Week 1
Week 3
Week 3
Moonshine Camo
Muddy Girl 4" Open Assist
Pink Camo Knife
Moon Shine Camo| Open Assist Camo Knife
Crush Knives
Folding gut hook with
Nylon Pouch
Heated Hunts- Irresistable 5X Spray Attractant
Heated Hunts
Irresistible  5x  
Attractant Scent
Edward Knight, NC
Cheryl Smith, SC
Doug Starry, MN
Clenzoil Cleaning and Lubricant for Guns, Field and Range|Pump Sprayer 2oz.
Archer Sight |Inexpensive and deadly!!!
The  Quick Sight Elite
Bow Sight
Archer Sight
2oz.spray btl of Clenzoil Field
and Range solution.
Heated Hunts | Hunters Bundle Deal - extra wicks and battery pack
Hunter’s Bundle Deal | Hot
Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
an electronic scent dispenser
Heated Hunts
Archer Sight
Archer Sight
Team REALTREE Guthook
knife/saw with sheath.
Team Realtree
Copper John Rut Wrecker Bow Sight
Copper John
Rut Wrecker Bow Sight
Ed Fisher, PA
Terry Sears, NY
Alex Jean, LA
Joshua Godlewski, DE
Danny O'Neil, CA
Muddy Girl
Insulated Lunch Box
Cooler Bag
Moon Shine Camo| Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag
Muddy Girl
20-M017 Pot Holder, Oven Mitt
Combo. Something for her.
Crush Knives
Crush Knives
Crush Knives
Crush Knives
Crush Knives
Crush Knives
Frame Lock Tactical Skinner
Lightweight Liner Lock
Changeable Folding 2
Bladed Lockback
Copper John TST Bow Sight
Copper John
TST Bow Sight
Coritha Brown, MS
Preston Thompson, WA
David Clemens, TX
Doug Starry, MN
Perry Smith, FL
William Horton, LA
Clenzoil | 8oz. btl of Field & range solution
Field & Range 8 oz. Bottle
Crush Knives
The Celox Outdoorsman
1st aid Kit
Celox Online
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Week 1
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Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Ball Bearing Assisted Opening
Tom Dillard, WI
New Product
New Product
New Product
New Product
Snow Geese in Upstate, NY
December Free Gear
Sportsman Members - if you see you've won gear, send an email
to letting me know what gear and on what day.
This Calendar is full of quality products that Sportsman Members win daily. Please support these amazing companies as
much as possible. They support our unique programs and our efforts to promote hunting and fishing.