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Stan Element|TL Heavy Metal Release Black 4 Finger Medium Resistance
The ElementTL
Stans Archery Release
Home of USOC Adventures TV
Muddy Girl Cooler Bag
Moonshine Muddy Girl
Insulated Lunch Cooler
Wynscent Grenade
Double Barrel Arrow Loader
Double Barrel Arrow Loader
Wyndscent Grenade
Heated Hunts Bundle
Hunter’s Bundle Deal
Hot Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
Clenzoil  Cleaning pads
Field & Range Patch Kit
Right Release
An amazing aid in practicing
the archery release process.
Clenzoil - Needle oiler for Marine & Tackle
Needle Oiler for Marine & Tackle
Crush - Air Frame Liner Lock Knife
Air Frame Liner Lock
Team REALTREE - Guthook knife/saw with sheath
Team REALTREE Guthook
knife/saw with sheath.
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Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Dan Leonard|Owner of USOC - on Dandyeyes Charters-30pd. King-Lake Ontario
Sonja Couick, NC
John Bennett, MT
Timothy Wagenschutz, IL
Dick Shoestock, FL
Don Slate, NY
Sportsman Members
If you see you've won gear, send an email to
dan@myusoc.com letting me know what gear you
won and on what day.
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May Free Gear
For Sportsman Members
Gary Dippold, FL
Louis Smith Jr., LA
Ron Kelton, TX
Vickie Wood, NM
Robert Dreger, MN
Spray bottle of
Clenzoil Field and Range
Cleaning and Lubrication Oil
Clenzoil® Synthetic Gun Grease
Clenzoil Marine and Tackle
Cleaning and Lubrication Oil
Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler
Clenzoil Marine and Tackle
Cleaning and Lubrication Oil
Clenzoil | Marine & Tackle 12oz. Aerosol
Clenzoil - 12 oz. can of
Marine & Tackle Aerosol
Bow Sling
Bow Sling
Ogie Outdoors - fishing face shield.
Archer Sight |Inexpensive and deadly!!!
The  Quick Sight Elite
Bow Sight
Crush Knife - Lightweight Liner Lock
Lightweight Liner Lock
James Pollard, NC
Wendell McCargar, NY
Brian Warner, LA
Jennifer McDougal, IN
Mike Jennings, PA
Stephen Ostrander, OH
Kurtis Hazlewood, KY
Michael Armistead
Bernard Hazleton, NY
Gail Sult, PA
July Free Gear Calendar for
Sportsman Members