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Clam Quick-Set Tents
Moxie Archery
Game & Fish
This is the best game seasoning we've ever had at USOC.Iron Skillet|Game Seasonings|Dennis Dedek|US Outdoorsman Central Kit Sponsor
Henry Rifles -
Aurora Sionyx Camera
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Please claim your free Sportsmans Member gear if you are a winner in May
Send email to dan@myusoc.com and let me know what product you won and on what day.
Steve Smith, NM
Celox Online Outdoorsman1st Aid Kit
Celox Online
Gajo Baits
Gajo Baits | 2 surprise packs. 1 pk. of Stick Baits and 1pk of Swim Shads
Team Realtree
Team REALTREE | High Performance Saw
Team Realtree
Team REALTREE | Caper/Skinner Knife with Sheath.
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Week 1
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Week 2
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Week 3
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Week 4
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Week 5
New Product
Crush with Lee & Tiffany | Neck Knives, one for her, one for him.
Crush Knives
Team REALTREE : Razor Sharp Blade Changing System with Nylon Pouch
New Product
Team Realtree
Wildlife Trivia
William Taylor, TX
Tyrel Jensen, MO
Johnny Hudson, AR
Dale Vaught, VA
StevenTaszreak, TN
BLACKFISH Apparrel Gear
Clenzoil weapons cleaning patch kit.
Clenzoil 2 oz. spray bottler of Field & Range cleaning and lubricating oil.
Clenzoil 2 oz.  bottle of cleaning and lubrication needle oiler.for Marine and Tackle
Clenzoil Silicone Treated shotgun and rifle sock
Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler
Mark Regan, CA
Robert Allen, MI
Mark Marshall, CA
Brad Rhoades, OR
Joshua Guard, MN
Paid Sportsmans Benefits
  • You will receive a Membership kit that is valued at over $50.00  Membership Joining Cost
    is only $25.00
  • You will have 3 automatic entries on every daily gear give away drawing.
  • You are eligible to enter our weekly Wildlife Trivia Contest to win those gear give aways.
  • You will be able to Enter to Win every single  trip we give away, all are filmed.
  • Once our Facebook gear give away program begins ( TBA), you will be able to enter all of
    those drawings as well.
Crush | Folding Body Lock Knife
Crush Knives
Crush with Lee and Tiffany Neck knives. One for him, one for her.
Crush Knives
Crush | Pink Camo Liner Lock  Knife with free wristband
Crush Knives
Crush | High Performance Hand Saw
Crush | Folding Guthook Knife with Sheath
Crush Knives
Crush Knives
Lynn Behrens, WI
Dale Mitchell, NY
Sultana Beverly Duke, FL
Donna Hart, OK
Brian Hilliard, NY
Team REALTREE | Caper / Skinner knife with nylon pouch
Team Realtree
Team Realtree
Team Realtree
Team Realtree
Team REALTREE | Folding Saw & Guthook Knife with Sheath
Team REALTREE Filet Knife with Sheath
Team REALTREE | Razor Sharp Changing System with Nylon Sheath
Team REALTREE Buckstag Delrin Liner Lock Knife
Team Realtree
Robert Dreger, MN
Phil Boardman Sr., NY
Steve Rikles, TN
Garth Pusselo, LA
Bob Dunn, NC
Sportsmen's Foundation For Military Families