Nick Seabury|Winner of our Fox Harbour Outfitters Bear Hunt Trip| A 250 pound bear on his first bear hunt. Taken on 9/12
James Neyt|36
Tom Wandrych
Tom Wandrych
Tom Wandrych
Mark Ziemba perch harvest
Ric Buckles|Imperada Redfish
Mike Lupa|Domaine Pointrencourt, QC
Tom Ballard Sr. 11.5 pound Steelhead
Tom Ballrad Sr.|16.5 pound Steelhead
Members: If you have pics you would like to
share with us, send them to
T. Cutter, NY
Brian Smith
Gerald Thompkins 2013
 Roger Theisen, TX |Elpasso Mule Deer
Steven Burke
Steven Burke
Steven Burke
Gary Benedict 2013
Tom Wandrych|5/13/13
Tom Rhoads|First ever Northern Pike 2013
Roger Theisen
2 bucks, one in Velvet, one Hard! Submitted by Greg Hector, AZ
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First 2 deer ever with a bow, 10 minutes apart! Jonathan Jarvis, TX
Dale Mitchell\11/16/13 with a S&W 460 XVR Pistol
Eric Bergman|Routier Outfitters, SD
Cutter with his wabbits on 1/28/14
Member- Roger Thiesen, TX . Hhis 2014 NZ hunting harvest..
Roger Thiesen
Roger Thiesen
Ric Buckles
Gary Benedict
Greg Hector, Alberts Bear and trip winner
Doug Gelsleichter|Blacktail deer, WA
Anthony Shepard|9 point
Wade Steinmann
Wyatt|11 pt.
Phil Stewart
Bobby VanDeusen|October 14, NM
Steve Smith
Keith Yates
Roger Theisen with his Bighorn in 2013
Wildlife Trivia
Phil Stewart  Hawiian Black Ram
Phil Stewart  Angors Goat
Ron Merrit with Family and some Mahi mahi
Nyla Anders
Paul Robbins, MA  buck|2014
Paul Robbins
Gary Redmons Moose
Phil Stewart with Sika Deer
Jan Shenberger Elk in BC, 2014 with Ram Creek Outfitters
Cid Shenberger|Grouse in British Columbia 2014 with Ram Creek Outfitters
Bob VanDeusen with a hog bass...8.4 pounds.
Bernie Overby|Nice Walleye 2015
Bob Hanna
Bob Hanna|Warthog
Bob Hanna|Kudu
Bob Hanna|Wildebeest
Bob Hanna|Caribou
Eric Barrett|2011  183 gross  27.5
Shawn Latour in green shirt took this 250 pound bear
Shawn LaTour shot this
250-300 lb black Bear on
Sunday  September 13th
near Hunter Mountain in The
Northern Catskills of NY.
Booby Taylor....nice buck Mr.
William Drumm, NY shot this little
buck in IL in October, 2015
Bernie Overby, nice job Bernie, one less deer killer!!!
Bernie Overby, MN
Tim Ko|Greater Kudu Bull in Nambibia
Ray Matthews
Ray Matthews, WY
Bernie, geting it done again on Yotes in MN.
Mark Ziemba, NY  What cold weather?
Bobby Vandeusen, the Cow Creek Outfitters hunt winner with new USOC Adventures TV hat
Bobby Vandeusen with his new USOC hat!
Dan Leonard - 1st ever deer with pointy stick (crossbow)
Member Ric Buckles in FL wetting a
A treed Bobcat Steve Smith took a photo of while shed hunting. 2016
Roger Theison, TX with Bighorn Sheep
Bernie Overby, MN with a 27 pound trout
Bernie Overby, MN
Chris Tate  SC   Nice buck mister!
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Brian Smith
Bernie Overby, MN  A 44
Bernie Overby, MN. 5 yotes total 2/6/18
Joe Anderson, NH
Peter Walker, TX Aoudad Ram 2018
Members Trophy Room - Page 2
Donna Hart, OK  Nice buck using the Heated Hunts dispenser.
Robert Syzmanski, PA. Mule Deer in NM. 1 Shot, 309
Walt Fritz, MA with his
big boy.
Chris Jones (left) with huge 8 point buck. Manager and guide of The Preserve Jean Warner is on the right
Combat Veteran Chris Jones at The Preserve in 2017.
Manager Jean Warner on the right.
Robert Galdo, PA
Bernie Overby - A big walleye at Devil's Lake, ND
Dale Mitchell - nice 4 pt 2018
Archery Buck by Dale
October 26th, 2018
Robert Galdo, PA
Robert Galdo. PA
Robert Galdo. PA
A nine pointer!
Jim Grummel, OH
says nope!!
Not on my watch.
Kevin Newman, GA 2019
Member Bernie Overby honoring those we've lost.  To the right side of uniformed officer.
Thank you Bernie Overby for your past service in Viet Nam
and for your continued support of Veterans everywhere.