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Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Predator Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes|Combo Green
LED Predator / Varmint Hunting Lights
Night Eyes offers the latest technology in predator hunting lights. Our
Red and Green LED predator hunting lights have features that no other
lights in the industry offer. If you have any questions about the products
after viewing the website, please contact us by phone or email.

About Night Eyes
I am an avid night time predator hunter that became frustrated with the
lack of high-quality hunting lights on the market. I was looking for a
hands-free scanning light that was bright red, lightweight, weatherproof
and durable. I also wanted a gun mounted light that was compact,
bright, easy to mount and able to withstand the demands of night time
predator hunting. I was fortunate to partner with one of the best lighting
companies in the industry. They agreed to manufacturer a headlamp
and gun light to meet my high standards and specifications. These
lights were designed with the night hunter in mind. In 2012 the company
“Night Eyes” was formed.

Our lights have a three year warranty, are waterproof, can withstand
extreme cold and use high capacity, flat top Li-ion rechargeable
batteries. Our lights will never lose brightness or become dim even with
a low charge battery. Our predator hunting lights have features that no
other lights in the industry offer.

Our headlamps and gun mounted lights are the ultimate predator/hog
hunting lights. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you
can return it within 14 days and you will receive a full refund to include
your shipping costs.
See harvest pics at bottom using Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
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Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Wildlife Trivia
Night Eyes Lights|Owner Joe Zuffuto
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights|Joe Zaffuto - Owner
Night Eyes Lights|Joe Zuffuto
Night Eyes Lights
Night Eyes Lights|Joe Zaffuto| Owner|Must have predator lights.
Night Eyes Lights
Joe Zaffuto, owner of Night Eyes Lights
with a grand slam. Coyote, Red Fox
and a Gray Fox
Night Eyes Predator Lights|results for this night of Yote hunting..right place, right lights.
Night Eyes Lights
Joe Zuffuto with one night of hunting with night eyes lights
New Video
New - Dual Beam Head Lamps
Watch this Video below!
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Owner Joe Zaffuto - Owner of Night Eyes Lights - 4 yotes and 6 red foxes in one night.
The Ultimate in Predator Hunting Lights.
Night Eyes Lights- 18 red foxes in one night
Night Eyes Lights | Joe Zaffuto - 2016  |Do Night Eyes Lights work?
We just filmed a predator night vision hunt with professional
predator hunter Joe Zaffutto, Owner of
 Night Eyes Lights.
We hunted several areas in rural upstate NY in December.
I can't tell you how impressed I was with the number of
Coyotes and Foxes taken on a whirlwind night of exciting
hunting in every regard. The head lamps and gun lights Joe
has and uses are top shelf in all regards.
If you want to start night hunting for predators in your area,
Contact Joe Zaffutto at
 Night Eyes Lights and get these
great lights. You'll start whacking and stacking these yotes
in no time.
I just did and can't wait and once my game calls get here,
the lead will be flying.. I'm tired of seeing more Coyotes than
deer the last few years during deer season.. I did manage to
finally shoot one and it was as mangy as could be.
Dan Leonard
Night Eyes Lights | Joe Zaffuto - 2016  |Do Night Eyes Lights work?
Tri-Color Scan Light (HS-3) RED/GREEN/ WHITE
Order Yours TODAY
NEW - Wireless Headlamp - Video
News from Night Eyes Lights for 2019
A brand new HL09 Remote Head Lamp.
Watch this  
Video by Joe Zaffuto  about the new Head
Lamp and the features and benefits of owning one of
these. Predator hunting just got better.
We're giving one of these HL09 Remote Head Lamps
on an upcoming show so be sure to watch!
Night Eyes Lights - The new HL09 Head Lamp