Sportsman's Foundation for Military Families
Wildlife Trivia
US Outdoorsman Central and the Pursuit Channel are proud to be able to put this very wonderful and special Okeechobee Outfitters  Alligator& Hog hunt and bowfishing for Talapia fish on the board for a
Combat Veteran to win. The hunt is provided by the
The Sportsmen's Foundation For Military Families.  run and operated by Danny SanTangelo and his wife Carla. The Combat Veteran will be able to bring
his or her family support members with them and they will be able to hunt and fish also if they want to. Transportation expenses for the Combat Veteran will be provided for by the Pursuit Channel. This combo hunt
will take place in October of 2018 and it will be filmed by US Outdoorsman Central and air on USOC Adventures TV Show on the Pursuit Channel in January of 2019.

As a Veteran owned business, we could not be happier to support and bring more recognition to a great organization like the Sportsman Foundation for Military Families and the services they provide for our
Combat Veterans.
It's so very nice to also recognize the families left at home and their personal sacrifice for our country while the soldiers are off fighting wars on our countries behalf.

Any Combat Veteran who may want to win and go on this free hunt with their family can sign up HERE
Send an email to and use only these key words in the Subject Line to be eligible to win this filmed hunt:    
Combat Veteran

Any Combat Veteran of any war is eligible and please include that information when you enter.
Please give me your name, state and telephone number so I can call you when you win the trip.

If you have ever wanted to support military families in some way to honor them for their family service to our great country, this is one we highly recommend you Donate to.
You can do this by going to this page and get on board to help assist them financially, even a little to help run this great family program.

Meet some of the families HERE
Pursuit Channel
US Outdoorsman Central
Watch this video to learn more about what this special organization does for military families.
Gary French, TX- Winner of the Combat Veteran Oceola Turker and Hog hunt
Combat Veteran Gary French won and took this
Hunt in 2017 with his Brother, also a Veteran.
They had a great time in all regards.
The Sportsmen’s Foundation for Military Families
(SFMF), an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is
established to provide military families a chance to
participate in the outdoor sports. Any military family of the
United States Armed Forces, or an immediate family member
of a veteran killed in combat, is eligible to apply. Our outdoor
adventures have proven to be extremely therapeutic.
The Sportsman's Foundation For Military Families |The Nava Family
The Sportsman's Foundation For Military Families
The Sportsman's Foundation For Families
The Sportsman's Foundation For Miltary Families
Sportsman Members to send us your favorite fishing and
hunting pictures and any quality footage of fishing,
hunting videos to include any unique wildlife footage to
share with all across the country. We'll post them on this
website and include them in our mass emails, even
include them on our tv show, airing it's 6th season,
January - June of 2019.
send them to me