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Game & Fish Seasonings
This is the best game seasoning we've ever had at USOC.Iron Skillet|Game Seasonings|Dennis Dedek|US Outdoorsman Central Kit Sponsor
Jack Woods, IL
Terry Ann Trembowicz, NY
Mike Fucini, ME
Damion Zaste, AR
Chris Briles, AL
Bradly Flook, WV
Damon Moore, PA
Richard Coon, FL
Steve Roche, NJ
Chris Fisher, NY
Bobby Jo Foster, NY  
Vernon Londagin, VA
Dominick Delisera, NY
Susan West,  VA
Dylan Hill, NC
Keith Darby, AK
Larry Chaffin, OH
Greg Lawton, FL
Charles Delph, OH
Danny O'Neal, CA
David Pummill, MI
Ed Leaf, NY
Larry Golden, NC
USOC Welcomes New Free Gear Sponsor
USOC Welcomes New Free
Gear Sponsor - Heated Hunts
Order yours today before they
sell out.
Heated Hunts Dispenser | to include wicks, batteries holder..batteries not included.
Heated Hunts
Heated Hunting Scents Dispenser
Heated Hunting Scents is the game changer the hunting community
has been waiting for. Thanks to Heated Hunts a hunter can simply take
their favorite hunting scents, fill up the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser
and heat it up!  Make the scent travel 100, 200 or even past the 500
yards mark beyond the current range.  Don’t forget that your scent isn’t
going anywhere on cold days; and when it’s freezing out, guess what
your scents will too! The colder it gets the less the scent travels. The
key here is diffusion which is gradual heat to promote the scent to
travel, not instant vaporization, which isn’t sending the scent anywhere.
Hunter’s Bundle Deal | Hot
Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler
Clenzoil® Marine &
Tackle™ is a high quality
one-step cleaner,
lubricant, and rust
preventative for fishing
reels, tools, and other
equipment exposed to
extreme marine
Heated Hunt Dispenser
- Doe Estrous
Heated Hunts Dispenser
- Bucks In Action
Heated Hunts
Dispenser In Action
Heated Hunts | SCENT OFF 5X - 8 FL. OZ.
Heated Hunts
Heated Hunts
Scent Off FiveX times
stronger than a standard
eliminator scent.
Heated Hunts | FRESH APPLE 5X
Fresh Apple Attractant is
stronger than other apple
scents It's more pure and
not diluted.
Heated Hunts
master crafted blend of
extreme aroma of a
synthetic grape and
raspberry that is basically
that sugary blend of
aromas that peaks
Bear’s curiosity and lures
them in.
Extreme BERRY 5X
Bear Attractant
Heated Hunts
SWEET CORN 5X is stronger
than other corn scents. It’s
more pure and not diluted.
Wildlife Trivia
Heated Hunts
Heated Hunts | Dispenser with extra wicks and a battery pack.
Hunter’s Bundle Deal | Hot
Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
Heated Hunts Acorn Attractant 5X
Heated Hunts
Clenzoil | Solution Pads
Heated Hunts | Persimmon 5X
Heated Hunts
Persimmon Attractant 5X
Concentrate | Extreme
Persimmon Scent
Acorn Attractant 5x |
Acorn Scent
Field & Range Solution
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Heated Hunts dispenser woth extra wicks and battery pack.
Hunter’s Bundle Deal | Hot
Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
Heated Hunts
Archer Sight
Quick Sight Elite Bow Sight
Team REALTREE razor sharp blade changing system
Razor blade changing knife
Celox | Outdoorsman Stop the Bleeding Kit. Valued at $59.99
Celox - Stop the
bleeding Kit
Celox Online
Clenzoil | Field & Range 8oz. bottle of cleaning and lubricating weapons.
Clenzoil  Field & Range 8oz.
Bottle. Cleans and Protects
Team Realtree
Clenzoil |Silicone treated gun storage sock. 52
Kutmaster - Big Buck Down Crush High Performance Hand Saw
Archer Sight | Elite Bow Sight
Heated Hunts | Dispenser with extra wicks and an extra battery pack. Also includes a bottle of 8oz. Spray bottle of Fresh Apple of Sweet Bottle
Our mission here at US Outdoorsman Central, based in  Phoenix, NY is to
promote fishing and hunting in several exciting ways. We want to send YOU
some place you have never been, doing something you only dreamed of doing
before and for Free. We've sent hundreds of members on these free trips all
over the  U.S., even Canad asince 2007. Will you be our next movie star?
We've also given away thousands of daily free gear items to help you succeed in
the field and on the water. You will likely win free gear multiple times per year.
Our Trip Partners and Gear Partners are second to none!
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Heated Hunts
Copper John | TST Bow Sight 5 pin black
Clenzoil® Firearm
Protective Sleeve
Archer Sight
Heated Hunts : An 8oz. Btl of Fresh Apple 5X
A 2oz. btl of Clenzoil Field
& Range needle oiler.
Crush "Big Buck Down" High
Performance Saw
Crush Knives
Hunter’s Bundle Deal | Hot
Wicks / Battery Pack / Wicks
and a bonus bottle of Fresh
Apple 5X
Crush Knives
Folding Body Lock Knife
RaptoRazor | Skinner and Mako Combo  Valued at 150.00
Skinner and Mako Combo
TST  Bow Sight
Valued at $124.95
The  Quick Sight Elite
Bow Sight
Order yours today while they
still have some left.
or call 570-871-0032
They have over a dozen scents
to heat up for Deer and even
Bear. Find what will work for
you in your area.
Order yours today while
they still have some left
or call 570-871-0032
They have over a dozen
scents and attractants to
heat up for Deer. Bear too.
Find what will work for you
in your area.
Keep your guns
clean and
protected with
products and
they will take
care of you when
hunting or
November Free Gear for
Sportsman Members