The Palermo Buck - First time Hunter Scores Big
Jesse's inexperience of course came prepared for Jesse's unpreparedness. Tom had extra hunting
clothes, a climbing tree stand and luckily an extra release as Jesse also forgot his release.
As Jesse and Tom approached Tom's favorite spot, Tom pointed out a couple of good spots in the
area. Of course Jesse would have to pick out Tom's #1 spot. With Tom being the nice man he is he
quickly gave his favorite spot to Jesse. In also thinking, this is his first hunt, hopefully he will see
something. If Tom had only knew at that time what would soon be walking by he may have thought

Jesse climbed up his (Tom's) tree and began getting his gear prepared. Within no time out of
nowhere appeared a buck but not just a buck though. It was a 12 pointer every hunter dreams of
seeing. Jesse had no time to waste, the monster was right there. He steadily pulled back on his bow
using a release in which he had never tried before, as each release has different variances.
Jesse could only hope for the best as he touched the release, there it was a direct hit, the monster
stumbled for a brief minute then down he went.

At the time Jesse hit him he could not determine how many points  there were. As Jesse approached
him he proceeded to try and count the points. When he got to his deer Jesse could feel his
adrenaline flowing as he started counting to 12 points.

He texted Tom to let Tom know he got one and he counted 12 points. Tom responded, " I just got to
my spot, I will sit for about an hour then come back", Jesse waited patiently for Tom to come back
and look at his treasure. An hour seemed like an eternity.
While Jesse was waiting for Tom to come and confirm it to be a 12 point, Jesse called his Mom
(Christine Weaver) to tell her of the news. Jesse said Mom I got one, she turned to look at the clock
and responded sure ok Jesse it is only 8AM. Jesse is always joking and pulling pranks on his Mom.
He then told her, I think it is a 12 pointer, she quickly responded Oh yeah, Jess now I know you are me, you haven't been gone long, it is only 8 o'clock. Your first time hunting you just
happened to get a 12 pointer, she knew most hunters will search a lifetime for this. Jesse's
excitement and persistence would not stop. It was then his Mom realized he was not kidding.

Then the moment Jesse was waiting for, Tom finally arrived to confirm that it is indeed a 12 pointer.
Jesse gives a lot of credit to Tom for not only giving up his hunting spot in addition to his support,
and helping supply his gear and target practices.

This unforgettable moment would not have been if Tom wasn't there for him and guiding him.
Jesse also gives a lot of credit to his Uncle Joe (Joseph Hayden) in which Jesse named his son after
in reverse fashion. Hayden Joseph. Hayden is only 6 and also enjoys archery with Daddy, Tom,
Grandma and Uncle Joe. Jesse's Uncle Joe is the one that got Jesse interested in archery when he
was about Hayden's age. Jesse recalls numerous trips to Uncle Joe's with his Mom and Grandfather
for archery shoots. Jesse also still has his first bow that his Uncle Joe gave him when he was a little
buck. That bow is also one of Jesse's cherished treasures.

Jesse has made quite an accomplishment at age 24, to get this unforgettable record 12 pointer on
his first hunt. Quite unheard of.
Anyone wishing to contact Jesse about his incredible hunt, email: