special thanks to Real Outfitters Ranches in Texas, USOC Outdoors Adventures and the Pursuit
Channel for the adventure of a life time, the 2019 Iron Man Hunt.

Yes, I did hunt day and night.  The first morning hunt was from a ground blind for whitetail.  A cold icy start there was
deer movement in the morning dawn light and several deer buck and doe came and went.  Later a couple larger
bucks slowly moved in and I made a decision to take the more dominant one which ended the first hunt with a nice 5
years old Texas whitetail.

We continued to hunt in another location in a tower blind and once again several bucks and does came in and
resulted in a nice whitetail doe.  As darkness took over cameraman Tony Lasinski and I utilized the Aurora Sionyx
day/night camera with the night vision option showing more deer and a couple feral hogs but we were not able to get
a good deadly shot.

With a whitetail buck and doe on the meat pole Mike Buie,  guide and founder of Real Outfitters,  made the decision
that we would go free roaming for Texas exotics; Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer ,Sitka deer or Texas Dall Sheep.  
Driving through several ranches consisting of thousands  vast acres,  several  Sitka deer and Blackbuck
antelope were sighted but being free ranging a stalk was not to be had. Continuing we located a small band of
bedded Dall sheep with a couple nice rams.  As we slowly made our way, getting closer they decided not to lie
around, taking off through the dense thorny bush but we kept them in sight. Finally after a two mile stalk we were able
to get a shot, harvesting a nice Texas Dall Ram.  With the ram loaded and making our way back we came into a
huge open field where several Blackbucks antelopes ran across making a stalk impossible.  The Blackbucks
continued to run from the bush to the wide endless openness. With directions from Mike, I put the scope on the last
Blackbuck doe making a 400 yard shot to harvest my third Texas table fare.

Again as evening came upon us, Tony and I, in the darkness, inside a blind repeated the previous night activity with
the use of the Aurora Sionyx day/night vision camera.  No feral hogs or predators could be spotted that night.

On my third day hunt Mike Buie led us onto other ranches in search of feral hogs.  By early afternoon several feral
hogs were located.  After stalking them for over a mile I was able to target the scope and connect on a nice feral hog
with the  thoughts of more meat in the freezer.

Thus this was an exciting conclusion and I had many unique challenging moments on my 2019 Texas Iron Man Hunt.

Thanks again to Mike and Josh with Real Outfitter Ranches, Dan and Tony and all at USOC Outdoor
Adventures TV and the Pursuit Channel.

Gary Redmon, IN
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Wildlife Trivia
The 2019 Iron Man Hunt
This hunt was won by Gary Redmon, IN and was taken January 2 - 6 of
2019. Here is Gary's trip story along with some pictures taken of him
with the animals he was able to harvest at Real Outfitters in SW TX.
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