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About the  Sionyx  Aurora Day and Night Camera
The interaction of light with semiconductors is at the core of some of the most important innovations of our time. Nearly all
imaging, communications, and solar energy systems depend on photonic devices.
SiOnyx is commercializing a patented semiconductor process that dramatically enhances the infrared sensitivity of silicon-
based photonics. As a result, SiOnyx’s Black Silicon platform represents a significant breakthrough in the development of
smaller, lower cost, higher performance photonic devices.
Founded in 2006 by Professor Eric Mazur and Dr. James Carey of Harvard University, SiOnyx continues to focus on improving
the performance of light sensing devices commonly used in consumer, commercial, and defense related applications.
And now hunting at night becomes a lot clearer and safer!
Aurora Sionyx |Wrolds First Day and Night Color Camera
Sionyx Night Vision in Color Camera
Watch this short   Video  on this
cutting edge Night Camera.
An extraordinary Night Camera    VIDEO
An amazing camera
An amazing camera
Aurora Sionyx
Aurora Night Vision Camera | In Color
USOC Introduces the Aurora Sionyx Camera
The World's First Day/Night Camera with True Night Vision
Sionyx Night Vision Camera
Aurora Sionyx Camera
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An extraordinary
Night/ Day Camera
Aurora Sionyx Camera
New Accessory - The Pistol Grip
A new accessory for this Sionyx
Camera - The Pistol Grip
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