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Chris Jones (left) with huge 8 point buck. Manager and guide of The Preserve Jean Warner is on the left.
Chris Jones is the winner of this
trophy buck hunt to The Preserve
in Oneida County, NY. drive/folders/
This trip was amazing!!
From the call saying I won the trip to harvesting the biggest deer of my life, this was the best weekend and
experience I could ever ask for. 5 star treatment, accommodations, and amenities were out of this world.

The property we hunted was an amazing 3,000 acres!! We saw deer both days of the hunt and lots of them.
From giant bucks to yearling doe’s and bucks. We were covered in deer all weekend.

The outfitter/guide and manager of The Preserve, Mr.Jean Warner, was very knowledgeable and an
outstanding guide. He put on us on deer!! This trip was above and beyond all of my expectations!!! I stayed at
Turning Stone Casino and Resort on the19th floor!! Beautiful view. Amazing food and plenty to do!

If you’re not a member yet, it would behoove all that enjoy the outdoors and are looking at a chance to go on an
amazing adventure and win daily gear give aways. You need to sign up!!! Can’t win if you don’t sign up!!!

Good luck to all. Tight lines and shoot straight my fellow outdoorsmen and outdoors women!!

I want to thank the
Pursuit Channel, Oneida Indian Nation Outfitters and The Preserve, Mr Jean Warner
and Dan Leonard, owner of US Outdoorsman Central and Host of USOC Adventures TV for making this
amazing trip possible!!! Can’t thank you enough for an amazing hunt, experience, and opportunity
Chris Jones

This will be an exciting "World Class" big buck whitetail hunt at  The Preserve   with the   Oneida Nation Outfitters  on 3,000 acres of pristine deer habitat with handicap access. This hunt is going to be for
anyone to enter including a disabled person This may be the best chance the winner will ever have to shoot a real Trophy Buck.  It will be filmed and air on USOC Adventures TV in January of 2018, our 5th
For safety reasons, the winner does have to be familiar with and be able to accurately fire a rifle.
Airfare is included courtesy of the
 Pursuit Channel.. The hunting dates are set for December 15-18.
Food, lodging and guide will be provided by the Oneida Nation Outfitters and the
Turning Stone Casino.
Breakfast and lunches are provided by the Oneida Nation Outfitters and vouchers are given for dinners and the Casino has 6 restaurants to choose from.
You can Contact Jean Warner if you're interested in booking a great hunt or getting more information. 315-225-9748
This a top shelf operation that has no competition in all regards with food, lodging and guides. The opportunities are endless.
This is considered a 2 day Super Bronze Hunt valued at $3,750 with the Oneida Nation Outfitters at The Preserve.

The hunt Includes the opportunity to harvest one (1) trophy buck (defined as having an SCI Score of up to 140 inches) and one (1) mature doe, over the course of two (2) days if time allows, and also
includes caping and meat processing, if desired by the hunter. Transportation from the airport to the Casino is included as is to and from the hunting locations.
Also included is a two (3) night stay in
The Tower Hotel at Turning Stone Resort Casino, breakfast on both days, lunch included on hunts and a $75 resort credit. . Guide will communicate to Hunter before
attempting to harvest.
Jason, this is just a first look and something we all can fine tune as needed.