April 21, 2022

Dream Trip Giveaways – Sandhill Crane Hunt

Below is an excerpt from Steven Shaffer, a USOC Member who recently won one of our Dream Trip Giveaways. Become a USOC member today for a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip and be entered into daily giveaways for the latest brand name hunting and fishing gear!

It was a pleasure to win this guided hunting trip to Texas with USOC Adventure TV. The guide service they chose, Caprock Fowlers, really went above and beyond in the field and at camp. They scouted and brushed all the blinds for us and made sure we had all the gear we needed.

They provided us with great accommodations at camp (it felt like I never left home). The amount of birds they were calling in was amazing! I have never seen someone call birds in from a mile away and be able to watch them the whole time.

This was definitely a memorable hunt and a trip we will never forget!

Steven Shaffer

USOC Adventures TV

Pursuit TV Schedule

Monday: 7:30am EST.

Tuesday: 2:00pm EST.

Friday: 10:00pm EST.

Sunday: 1:00am EST.


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