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A place you can find all your hunting products that we personally believe in.  Whether it’s hunting products, fishing products, outfitters or anything in-between to make your hunting experiences the best.

USOC Memberships

A place to buy annual or lifetime memberships right here. Get all the perks of being a USOC member.

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USOC Collaborative Knives

Purchase Your USOC Adventures TV/ Silver Stag Collaborative Knives here!

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USOC T-Shirts

Introducing USOC Adventures TV Kountry Money Shirts Line!

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Stickin’ Fat Girlz

Get your Stickin’ Fat Girlz Logo’s Here!

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USOC Adventures TV

Veteran Owned Business

Wild TV Schedule

Monday: 11:00pm EST.

Tuesday: 5:30am & 4:00pm EST.

Wednesday: 1:00pm EST.

Pursuit TV Schedule

Monday: 7:30am EST.

Tuesday: 2:00pm EST.

Friday: 10:00pm EST.

Sunday: 1:00am EST.


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